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Public Utilities

Checking for Meter Leaks

You may have a meter leak if standing water is in your water meter box. Consistently saturated soil, standing water and water flow from the water meter are signs of a possible leak at your water meter. View a diagram to help locate your water meter.

1. Is the water leak consistent or intermittent?

  • Consistent flow of water - it may be a water meter leak.
  • Intermittent flow of water - it may be due to some nearby irrigation run-off or a construction project. Check your property and around the neighborhood for potential sources of water.

2. Locate your water meter outside of your property.
Water meter coverView the water meter diagram.

  • Private property side - If the leak is on the property owner's side of the meter, it is the property owner's responsibility to repair the leak. You may need to hire a certified plumber.
  • City of San Diego side - If the leak is on the City's side of the meter, a City crew will repair the leak. To report a leak or if you need assistance with determining the source of a leak, call the Water Emergency Hotline at 619-515-3525.