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Managed Competition

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Proposition C-Managed Competition, voted on and approved by the voters on November 7, 2006, reflected the commitment of the City of San Diego's Mayor and Council to delivering quality services to taxpayers, residents, and visitors in the most economical and efficient ways possible.

Managed Competition is a competitive process in which private service providers are encouraged to compete with City business entities for the opportunity to provide such services and in which the option of delivering services through public employees and city business entities must be justified through the competitive bidding process.

It is a program designed to develop a more entrepreneurial style of management and operation, incorporate strategic business plans into its overall operations, and adopt private sector costing and bidding methods. The Managed Competition Program focuses on increasing overall accountability for service quality and cost efficiencies.

The City created this web page to give the public the opportunity to view all applicable documents and information related to the Managed Competition process. More information will be added to the web page as the program progresses.

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