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Purchasing & Contracting


The Purchasing & Contracting Department manages directly or coordinates with other City departments, the implementation of the following programs:

Equal Opportunity Contracting (EOC)

Equal Opportunity Contracting serves both businesses and the labor market by working to ensure equal access to contracting opportunities with the City of San Diego. Working in partnership with City departments/agencies and other local, state and federal agencies, the Equal Opportunity Contracting Program monitors and enforces equal opportunity and public contracting laws related to the use of construction contractors, consultants, vendors and suppliers.

Equal Pay Ordinance

The purpose of the Equal Pay Ordinance is to complement and ensure compliance with non-discrimination laws and the California Equal Pay Act and Fair Pay Act, as codified in California Labor Code section 1197.5. Through the contracting process, the City uses its purchasing power to require businesses to equalize wages between employees who perform equal or substantially similar work, regardless of gender, race or ethnicity, to the maximum extent permitted by law.

Title VI Program

The City's Title VI Program ensures the City does not tolerate discrimination by a City employee or recipients of federal funds.

Equal Benefits Program

The Equal Benefits Program in the Compliance Department ensures compliance with the Equal Benefits Ordinance (EBO) by assisting contractors in understanding obligations, monitoring contracts, maintaining records, conducting reviews, investigating complaints and providing reports as needed.

Living Wage Program

The Living Wage Program in the Compliance Department is responsible for the continual monitoring of the City's contracts for compliance with the mandates of the Living Wage Ordinance, and responding to and resolving complaints from employees of contracted firms.

Prevailing Wage Program

The Prevailing Wage Program in the Compliance Department is responsible for ensuring compliance with local, state and/or federal requirements regarding prevailing wage. It routinely monitors prevailing wage projects in accordance with the California Labor Code and the California Code of Regulations. It also monitors subcontractor and vendor payments, monthly employment utilization and subcontracting participation.

Other Programs

The Purchasing & Contracting Department and Environmental Services Department share management of the Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Program (EP3). EP3 promotes the purchase of environmentally preferable products throughout City departments to foster the practice of responsible purchasing choices that are cost-effective and reduce the impact of such purchases on public health and the environment.

The Purchasing & Contracting Department encourages businesses to explore opportunities in the Corporate Partnerships and Development Program. The Corporate Partnerships and Development Program works with companies to create benefits that generate a return on investment for a company by providing valuable services or benefits to the residents and City employees of San Diego.