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Purchasing & Contracting

Frequently Asked Questions

Goods & Services

How do I promote my business to the City of San Diego?

For goods and services and non–architectural and engineering (non-A&E) consultant services, visit the City's vendor portal for current opportunities available.

For construction and architectural and engineering (A&E) consultant services, visit the A&E website.

How do I register as a potential vendor with the City of San Diego's Purchasing & Contracting Department?

Visit Bids & Contracts to register as a potential vendor. Registered vendors will be contacted for bidding opportunities.

Where do I find bid and contract opportunities?

Visit Bids & Contracts to view a listing of bid opportunities and download bids for goods, services, consultants (architectural and engineering and all other types of consulting services), and construction contracts.

If I'm not a registered vendor, can I still submit bids with the City?

No, you have to be registered through the City's online vendor registration system by visiting Bids & Contracts.

What should I expect at the pre-bid/pre-proposal meeting?

The pre-bid meeting is used to discuss specifications for a specific bid/proposal, and it allows for vendors to ask questions in order to seek clarification. Not all bids have a pre-bid meeting and attendance is not mandatory unless specified.

How are bids awarded?

Purchase orders will be awarded to the lowest responsible and responsive bidder who meets all requirements and specifications of the bid. See the Bidding Guidelines for more information about awards and obtaining bid results.

How do I get paid?

The City offers vendors the option of receiving payments electronically rather than by check. This allows for a more timely receipt of payments and provides the vendor with the ability to better manage their accounts receivables. You may obtain information and enrollment forms by contacting the department being provided goods or services.

How does the City issue purchase orders to its vendors, suppliers, and contractors?

For goods and services (non-Public Works), the City primarily uses SAP Ariba to issue its purchase orders. Some purchase orders are issued using the SAP Materials Management module, but these are exceptions and not the rule.


What is a consultant?

A consultant is defined as any professional or technical expert contracting with the City for the purpose of giving opinions, preparing reports, conducting studies, and making recommendations or providing special services in the fields of finance, planning, personnel, public relations, engineering and architecture.

Who selects consultants for the City?

City of San Diego departments are responsible for advertising the Request for Proposal (RFP) and recommending award in accordance with Administrative Regulation 25.70 - Selection of Consultants other than Architects and Engineers, or Administrative Regulation 25.60 - Selection of Consultants for Work Requiring Licensed Architect and Engineering Skills.

How do I promote my consultant business to the City?

Visit Bids & Contracts and register under all NIGP codes that relate to your services.