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Purchasing & Contracting

Vendor Information

This section provides important forms and information for vendors interested in doing business with the City of San Diego Purchasing & Contracting Department.

Vendor Registration & Notification



The City uses a fully automated web-based vendor registration and bid management system (PlanetBids) to post and distribute all formal solicitations released by the Purchasing & Contracting Department.

To receive automatic announcements and download solicitations from the City of San Diego at no cost, please register through the City's vendor portal. Alternatively, if your company prefers not to register on the City's vendor portal, you can still view a current listing of solicitations here.

General Terms and Provisions of Purchase

General Provisions are the legally binding clauses that are part of any contract or purchase order.

Labor Compliance

Living Wage Ordinance

San Diego Municipal Code, Division 42 (Living Wage Ordinance) requires covered employers and their subcontractors to pay a wage sufficient for a full-time worker to meet basic needs and avoid economic hardship.

Prevailing Wage Requirements

The federal Davis-Bacon Act and state labor laws ensure equitable pay. State law concerning prevailing wages can be found in the California Department of Industrial Relations Code of Regulations, Title 8.

Highest Wage Rate Applies

The contractor is required to pay the highest applicable wage rate where more than one wage rate applies.

Legal Authority

For legal documents that govern the bidding requirements of the City of San Diego, please refer to City Charter Article V, Section 35 (PDF), which outlines the responsibilities of the Purchasing & Contracting Department, and Chapter 2, Article 2, Division 32 (PDF) of the Municipal Code, which describes when contracts may be entered into and whether a contract must be competitively bid.