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Mentor Protégé Program

The Mentor Protégé Program (MPP), developed in cooperation with the Associated General Contractors of America, San Diego Chapter (AGC), has been designed to produce a broad base of high quality, competitive and profitable construction companies through incremental improvement. It is a deliberate effort to address and subsequently overcome barriers that typically inhibit or restrict the success of emerging minority and women-owned construction companies and assist with maximizing their economic opportunities.

Protégés are paired with high level construction business professional (mentor) who are also AGC members. Mentors are carefully selected based on their experience, the type of work they perform and their compatibility with the selected protégés. Working together in monthly meetings, mentors, protégés and the Program Manager focus on business plan, reviewing existing financial conditions and formulating specific plans to enhance each protégé's capacity and/or capabilities. It is an expectation of our sponsors and participants that as a result of participating in the Program, protégés will experience greater vitality, growth, financial profitability as well as long term stability.

While the one-on-one mentor protégé relationship provides protégés with individual guidance from a seasoned business professional, additional opportunities arise through other contacts protégés make in the program. By attending functions sponsored by the AGC, as well as other special network events (e.g. Path to Partnership) protégés have the opportunity to build strong a business network.

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