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Department of Race and Equity

Learning and Development

  • Bias Training
  • Budget Equity Training
  • Academy Training Class
  • Yey and Grace presenting to a crowd of people
  • Lisa Ann presenting to a group of participants
  • City of San Diego Budget Equity Training

The Department of Race and Equity designs and facilitates expansive training modalities on racial equity and inclusion to empower city employees, departments, and our local government with the relevant tools to build equitable outcomes. Our Learning and Development curriculum contextualizes historic oppression, systemic racism, and implicit and explicit biases within the history of the City of San Diego and the United States more broadly. This suite of educational offerings equips employees and departments with the skills and an equity lens to identify, address, and eliminate disparities.

The Learning and Development team has curated trainings for City employees and departments that cover a variety of topics and learning types:

Budget Equity Training

Budget Equity Training prepares key staff members in each City department to systematically integrate an Equity Lens into their ongoing base budget proposals, adjustments, requests, and five-year outlook planning.

Race and Equity Challenge

Over the course of multiple days, the online Challenge provides bite-size daily content, including readings, videos, and podcasts, on a foundational understanding about the history of race in the United States, bias, different types of systemic inequity, and next steps to address inequity in the workplace.

Race and Equity Academy

The Race and Equity Academy is the next level of training, deepening the work of the Challenge through more comprehensive content and opportunities to reflect, engage with colleagues, and plan for putting equity into action to dismantle racism.

Leading to Transform

This training series provides team and department leaders with the insights, experience, and tools to integrate transformational change in the form of next-level inclusive leadership. These equity advocates train to be champions of building a workplace culture of inclusion and mutual respect. The series of experiences train all involved to maximize employee productivity, satisfaction, retention, and belonging. This collaborative space is designed to strengthen interdepartmental and internal partnerships. It prepares leaders to collaboratively support team inspired innovations and to collectively build expansive systems and practices together.

Equity Innovation Sessions

These technical sessions follow-up the Academy and Leading to Transform trainings to provide ongoing virtual learning and engagement opportunities for participants to gain more knowledge and skills to better apply an equity lens to their work.

Master Classes

The Master Class will offer an in-depth, fully developed curriculum focused on a curated list of racial equity topics that will expose city employees to core areas and new subjects related to race and equity. Master class will be an online, asynchronous, self-paced option, for employees looking for a deep exposure to topics related to race and equity. Participants will receive access to specific tools and resources for further learning and understanding of the application of race and equity in the workplace and beyond.

Inclusive Public Engagement Trainings

The Inclusive Public Engagement Guide, in partnership with City Planning, was developed to assist City departments in the various ways to engage the residents of the City of San Diego. This training will expand on the knowledge shared in the guide to help city employees implement more inclusive engagement practices.