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Reservoirs and Lakes

Water Levels

Aerial view of Barrett Reservoir

Last updated on July 15, 2024

Water Levels are updated weekly but may be sporadic or late due to unforeseen circumstances.

ReservoirDepth When FullCurrent DepthStorage Capacity (AF)Current Storage (AF)Storage Change (AF)Percent FullSpill MGD
Barrett160.88 ft157.35 ft34,805.532,078.765.2192.2%0
El Capitan197.00 ft129.25 ft112,806.935,516.56.8431.5%0
Hodges115.00 ft77.50 ft30,632.65,119.0(60.48)16.7%0
Miramar114.00 ft108.64 ft6,682.45,933.471.9088.8%0
Morena157.00 ft122.20 ft50,694.013,978.0168.8427.6%0
Murray95.00 ft82.46 ft4,684.22,876.76.8561.4%0
Lower Otay137.50 ft135.24 ft47,066.944,782.8095.1%0
San Vicente306.00 ft283.32 ft.249,358.0212,840.51,745.6485.4%0
Sutherland145.00 ft98.24 ft.29,508.19,628.2(835.19)32.6%0

AF = acre-foot; 1 acre-foot equals about 326,000 gallons or enough water to cover an acre of land, about the size of a football field, one foot deep. MGD = Million gallons per day.

Launch Ramp Operation Levels

ReservoirElevation and Gauge of Water Level at SpillElevation and Gauge of Lowest Water Level for Operable Ramp
Barrett1,607.00 ft160.88 ftNo RampNo Ramp
El Capitan750.00 ft197.00 ft663.00 ft110.00 ft
Hodges315.00 ft115.00 ft292.00 ft92.00 ft
Miramar714.00 ft114.00 ft705.00 ft105.00 ft
Murray536.50 ft95.00 ft527.50 ft86.00 ft
Lower Otay484.20 ft137.50 ft465.70 ft119.00 ft
San Vicente766.00 ft306.00 ft640.00 ft180.00 ft
Sutherland2,057.00 ft145.00 ft1,982.00 ft70.00 ft