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Special Events & Filming


The City of San Diego maintains a Calendar of Special Events detailing community events scheduled to occur on public property. **NOTE: City staff should not utilize the Special Events Calendar to address potential project related conflicts. Please call 619-685-1331 or email

Typically, these events are community celebrations and festivals, parades and athletic or recreational activities that are open to the public. The information used to generate this calendar is primarily obtained from details included on special event permit applications that have been submitted to the City of San Diego.

Please note that information is added to the calendar from special event permit applications as they are received and reviewed by the City of San Diego. Because the application submission time requirement can be as short as 60 days prior to an event, many special events are not listed until the month in which they are scheduled to occur. If you cannot find information about an event in the current year, you may want to review the events that occurred during the prior year. Most events held in one year will repeat again, usually on a slightly different date and typically will be sponsored by the same organization.

Events and recreational programs scheduled within City parks and at recreation centers receive permits directly through the City of San Diego Park & Recreation Department and may not appear on this calendar.

As a courtesy to the cultural institutions of our community and to the surrounding cities and public agencies in San Diego County, events of significance or great public interest may be included on the City of San Diego Calendar of Special Events. The Calendar is not intended to be used as a promotional vehicle for private events or for events taking place on private or commercial property even though the event may be sponsored by a nonprofit organization and open to the public.

Thank you for using the City of San Diego Calendar of Special Events. We hope you enjoy the excitement, enthusiasm and diversity of our city!

For questions and concerns, call 619-685-1331 or email