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About Stormwater

Stormwater goals wheel primaryThe Stormwater Department has two primary functions:

  • To enhance San Diego's water quality
  • To protect communities from flooding

The department  powered by the Think Blue San Diego Team of 250 dedicated staff works to build, maintain and modernize efficient stormwater infrastructure that lays the foundation for safe, sustainable and thriving communities throughout the City of San Diego. 


To provide clean waterways and flood-safe communities across San Diego.


To create vibrant, sustainable communities through innovative flood control and water quality management.


To build and maintain efficient stormwater infrastructure for safe, sustainable and thriving San Diego communities.  


Keep water clean and safe: Defend our local streams, rivers, bays and beaches from pollution and maintain the highest possible water quality standards.

Restore San Diego's waterways: Use the best science and technology available to revive and preserve local waterways, ensuring natural habitats remain beautiful, clean and safe for future generations of San Diegans to enjoy.

Partner for a cleaner tomorrow: Empower residents and community organizations with the tools and resources needed to become active water guardians.

Bolster community benefits for all of us: To safeguard outdoor recreation opportunities by preventing pollution; improving water quality for activities such as swimming, fishing, and surfing; creating multi-benefit green spaces; and enhancing parks.

Protecting neighborhoods from flooding:  Improve infrastructure, such as storm drains and pipes, and keep San Diego's residences and businesses safe through proactive maintenance and innovative technology.

Use stormwater as a resource: Increase the capacity to capture stormwater and reuse it to boost the local water supply.