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Chollas Creek Dissolved Metals TMDL Stakeholders

The Chollas Creek Dissolved Metals Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Stakeholders Meeting page serves as a resource for interested community members, agencies and other stakeholders. Stakeholder meetings are designed to provide activity updates on planned and implemented projects and answer stakeholder questions.

Materials from previous Stakeholder Meetings are available for review below:

For additional information regarding the Chollas Creek TMDL Stakeholder's Meeting, please contact Tim Graham at

Roya Yazdanifard
NPDES Route Manager
(619) 767-2154

City of La Mesa
Joe Kuhn
Storm Water Program Manager
(619) 667-1340

City of Lemon Grove
Malik Tamimi
Management Analyst
(619) 825-3827

City of San Diego
Clement Brown
Senior Planner
(858) 541-4336

County of San Diego
Marcia Cook
Land Use Environmental Planner III
(858) 694-2794

Port of San Diego
Stephanie Bauer
Associate Environmental Specialist
(619) 400-4719

United States Navy
T. June Wheaton
Water Program Engineer
(619) 532-1672


Previous Stakeholder Meeting Summaries and Information

Additional Information

The Chollas Creek Watershed is located south and east of downtown San Diego in a highly urbanized portion of San Diego County. The watershed drains approximately 30 square miles via two main tributaries, the North Fork and the South Fork, and discharges into San Diego Bay. Except for the downstream 1.2 mile tidal prism area, Chollas Creek is an ephemeral stream which usually only flows during rainy conditions. The map below highlights the Chollas Creek Watershed boundaries, jurisdictional boundaries of the responsible agencies, and the City of San Diego's community plan areas.

A TMDL is a "pollution budget" for an impaired waterbody, such as Chollas Creek. A TMDL defines the maximum amount of a pollutant the waterbody can safely receive while meeting the water quality objectives identified in the San Diego Basin Plan. There are four adopted TMDLs for Chollas Creek: the pesticide (diazinon) TMDL, the dissolved metals TMDL (for copper, lead and zinc). In addition, a draft TMDL for indicator bacteria is currently being revised. This Implementation Plan is designed to meet the requirements of the metals and bacteria TMDLs over the 20 year allowed implementation period. The Implementation Plan uses an integrated approach to achieve this goal.