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Determining Which Requirements Apply

Start Here

Start by filling out the PDF icon Storm Water Requirements Applicability Checklist

Section 1 of the checklist helps you determine if your project requires Permanent BMPs. It will also help you determine if you have a PDF icon Priority Development Project (Page 13 of Storm Water Standards) or a PDF icon Standard Development Project (Page 17 of Storm Water Standards) .

Section 2 of the checklist will help you determine requirements for PDF icon Construction BMPs (Page 63 of Storm Water Standards) .

For More Guidance

See PDF icon Chapter 2 of the Storm Water Standards (Page 12) .

If Your Project has a Prior Approval

In some cases, a prior project approval may exempt your project from newer requirements if infeasibility can be demonstrated. See PDF icon Chapter 1 of the Storm Water Standards (Page 9) and the following memoranda:

For private development projects, see the PDF icon January 23, 2012 Development Services Notice .

For Capital Improvement Projects, see the PDF icon May 29, 2012 City Engineer's Memo .

When Do HMP Requirements Apply?

If you have determined that you do not have a PDF icon Priority Development Project (Page 13 of Storm Water Standards) , then you do not have to meet requirements in the Hydromodification Management Plan (HMP). All Priority Development Projects must meet these requirements unless exempted according to PDF icon Section 4.5.1 of the Storm Water Sandards (Page 18 of Storm Water Standards) . Also, see the discussion above regarding prior approvals.


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