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Alvarado Channel Maintenance

Maps 59, 60 & 64

On December 22, 2010, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps), the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board and the California Department of Fish and Game were notified that these storm water facilities in Alvarado Creek had overtopped and were flooding adjacent properties. As a result, that situation demanded immediate action to prevent or mitigate loss of, or damage to, life, health, property and essential public services.

The Project was permitted as emergency repairs to publicly or privately owned service facilities necessary to maintain service essential to the public health, safety, or welfare.

The extent of the maintenance was determined by Individual Maintenance Plans (IMPs) prepared for the facilities. Those IMPs identify the: width of channel clearing, maintenance method(s) to be used; equipment type; access roads/paths; and staging areas. The IMPs incorporate Best Management Practices (BMPs) required by the Regional Water Quality Control Board as well as specific protocols to prevent erosion and protect water quality. The extent of the maintenance was also determined by Individual Biological Assessments (IBAs) prepared for the facilities.

The City received the following permits for emergency maintenance of Maps 59, 60 & 64:

  • 404 Regional General Permit 63 (SPL-2010-01169-MBS), Issued 12/23/2010, Expires 4/30/2011
  • 401 Water Quality Certification, Issued 12/23/2010, Expires 4/30/2011
  • 1610 Emergency Streambed Alteration Agreement, Issued 1/05/2011, Expires 4/30/2011


LISTED SPECIES: No suitable habitat to support listed species is present and no take permit is required.

Individual Maintenance Plans

Maintenance Summary:

Compensatory Mitigation:

The effects of the maintenance will be mitigated by restoration and enhancement in the San Diego River near Qualcomm Stadium.

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