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Chollas Channel Maintenance

Maps 91 & 93

The project provides for the periodic removal of sediment, hydrophytic vegetation, trash, and debris from a mostly concrete-lined storm water channel in Chollas Creek. The Project will temporarily affect 0.14 acre of errant wetland vegetation that is growing on accumulated sediment within 3,000 linear feet of cement drainage channel.

The effects of the maintenance will be mitigated by the restoration and enhancement of 0.34 acre in the San Diego River near Qualcomm Stadium.

The City received the following permits for routine maintenance of Maps 91 & 93:

  • 404 Regional General Permit 63 (SPL-2010-01170-MBS), Issued 12/23/2010, Expired 3/30/2011
  • 401 Water Quality Certification, Issued 12/23/2010, Expired 3/30/2011
  • 1610 Emergency Streambed Alteration Agreement, Issued 1/05/2011, Expired 3/30/2011


LISTED SPECIES: No suitable habitat to support listed species is present and no take permit is required.


  • Date of Routine Maintenance - Maintenance work commenced on January 4, 2011 and was completed on March 25, 2011.
  • Area Maintained - A total of 1.23 acres of cement-only channel was maintained.
  • Amount of Debris Removed - Maintenance efforts removed 17,662 tons of sediment, trash, and vegetation from the system and thereby prevented significant amounts of downstream pollution of sensitive intertidal salt marshes and the San Diego Bay.
  • PDF icon Routine Maintenance Activity Report
  • PDF icon Routine Maintenance Photo Documentation - Pre/Post Maintenance
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