San Diego

Nestor Channel Maintenance

Map 134

The project provides for the periodic removal of sediment, hydrophytic vegetation, trash, and debris from a concrete-lined storm water channel in Nestor. The Project will temporarily affect 0.12 acre of errant wetland vegetation that is growing on accumulated sediment within 603 linear feet of cement drainage channel.

Pursuant to the 401 the loss of pollution assimilation functions will be mitigated by the retrofitting of an existing storm drain inlet with a Curb Inlet Filter in the same neighborhood as the channel. The location of the Curblet Inlet Filter is shown PDF icon here.

The City received the following permits for routine maintenance of Map 134:

  • 404 Nationwide Permit 39, Issued 9/8/2010, Expires 3/18/2012
  • 401 Water Quality Certification 10C-059, Issued 10/14/2010, Expired 12/31/10
  • 1602 Streambed Alteration Agreement 1600-2009-0301-R5, Issued 9/13/2010, Expires 9/30/2015


LISTED SPECIES: No suitable habitat to support listed species is present and no take permit is required.


Compensatory Mitigation

132 & 134

Permits are in process for maintenance of this location. Updates will be added as permits are approved.