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Z - Sustainability (DO NOT USE)

Zero Waste

Ask any third grader and they’ll tell you why reducing, reusing, and then recycling is the way to go. Gone are the days (and the space) for us to just throw all our trash into the landfill and forget about it.

The City of San Diego plans to divert all solid waste from going into the landfill through our Zero Waste Plan. We are also now capturing the gases from decomposition and turning them into energy.

The City's recycling programs reuse materials and divert waste from the Miramar Landfill. A Resource Recovery Center and “one-stop shop” at Miramar Landfill will maximize waste diversion. The City will also increase curbside recycling and curbside greenery collection.

See more about the City’s zero waste efforts.

Several men sorting items into bins for recycling