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Best Management Practices (BMP) Maintenance Inspections

Structural BMPs are permanent storm water treatment features incorporated into the design of many newly developed or redeveloped properties. To continue functioning properly, these BMPs need to be maintained regularly.

Owners and operators of these properties are required to conduct regular maintenance activities, as per the property's "Maintenance Agreement" (Storm Water Management and Discharge Control Maintenance Agreement) signed with the City of San Diego (City) and filed with the County Recorder's Office.

In addition, the City is required to verify proper maintenance of these structural BMPs via inspection. These activities are mandated by the City’s Municipal Code (§43.03).

The City's Structural BMP program has two main components:

1. An annual maintenance verification form

  • Parties responsible for BMP maintenance will receive a form in the mail each year. They are required to complete and return the form, verifying that they are performing all necessary routine maintenance of treatment control BMPs on their property.

2. Periodic Structural BMP maintenance inspections

  • City representatives periodically visit sites to assess whether the structural BMPs are being properly maintained. Examples of items that an inspector commonly checks can be found in the "BMP Inspection Item List" document available below.

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