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City Clerk Frequently Asked Questions

What are the duties of the City Clerk?

The duties of the Clerk include the administration of City elections; technical support of the City Council, including the preparation and distribution of agendas of Council meetings and agenda items as required by applicable statutes; the administration and maintenance of all official records of the City, the custody of which is not provided for in the Charter or by ordinances of the City, including records of all proceedings of the Council (minutes) and its ordinances and resolutions; the administration of a City-wide Records Management Program to include retention schedules, inactive records storage, vital records, imaging, archives, and other components as provided for by ordinance or resolution or the Council; and any other duties as may be established by ordinance or a resolution of the Council.

The City Charter of 1931 established the Council-Manager form of government in San Diego. On January 1, 2006, the City of San Diego's system of government changed from a City Manager form to a Strong Mayor form for a five-year trial basis, approved by city voters in November 2004. In June 2010, the voters elected to make the change permanent.

Under "Strong Mayor," the Mayor is the City's chief executive officer, similar to the governor or the president. The Council is the legislative body, providing checks and balances to the Mayor's authority. The City Clerk, appointed by Council, also serves as Clerk to the Council.

How can I find out what the City Council will be discussing?

You may access the Council Docket on-line for upcoming City Council meetings. This information is posted on Wednesday prior to the Monday and Tuesday meetings. Additional “supplemental” items for the Monday meeting are posted on the morning of the meeting, but are available on line by 2 p.m. on the preceding Friday. Supplemental items for the Tuesday meeting are available online by 5 p.m. on the preceding Friday. Also available from the City Clerk's Office are free copies of a public summary sheet which captures items docketed for discussion as well as redevelopment and housing items at the upcoming Council meeting.

In addition to the docket being made available online, members of the public may also have the docket emailed to them. To be added to the email list, call 619-533-4010.

You may also watch our televised docket summary, which airs on CityTV from Friday evening through the weekend preceding the Council meeting, and provides a list of docket items with a brief description.

When and where are the City Council meetings?

The City Council PDF icon meets on Mondays at 2 p.m. and on Tuesdays at 10 a.m.; as approved by the City Council within the PDF icon Legislative Calendar. The meetings are held on the 12th floor of the City Administration Building, 202 "C" St. in downtown San Diego. Additionally, Council meetings may also be held in the evening or out in the community when a particular item warrants it.

Additionally, the City of San Diego offers live webcasts of the City Council meeting, and currently maintains an online archive of City Council meetings dating back to 2004.

How can I speak in front of the City Council? Do I need to fill out a form?

Members of the public can speak in front of the City Council in a variety of ways.

Comment on a Docketed Item: Members of the public who wish to speak on a docketed item must fill out a speaker slip. Both "in favor" and "in opposition" slips are available in the rear of Council Chambers and in the lobby just outside Chambers before each meeting, or can be obtained at the City Clerk's Office (202 C St., second floor). Speaker slips should be submitted to the City Clerk prior to the start of the City Council meeting in the tray marked "Speaker Slips" located on the podium at the front of Council Chambers to the right of the public speaker’s microphones. Time allotted to each speaker is determined by the Chair and, in general, is limited to three (3) minutes per speaker per item.

Non-Agenda Comment: In general, toward the end of each regularly scheduled Monday afternoon Council session, and toward the beginning of each regularly scheduled Tuesday morning Council session, time is reserved on the agenda for "Non-Agenda Comment." This provides members of the public an opportunity to address the Council on any matter of interest not scheduled on the agenda; however, the subject matter must be within the Council's jurisdiction.

Members of the public wishing to address the Council under "Non-Agenda Comment" must fill out a "Non-Agenda Comment" speaker slip and file it with the City Clerk in Council Chambers at the meeting at which the speaker wishes to speak. Speaker slips may not be turned in prior to the meeting date or after completion of "Non-Agenda Comment." Each speaker will be limited to two (2) minutes. Speakers may not allocate their time to other speakers. If there are eight (8) or more speakers on a single issue, the maximum time for the issue will be 16 minutes. Speaker order will generally be determined on a first-come first-served basis; however, priority may be given to speakers who have not addressed the legislative body during "Non-Agenda Comment" at the last regularly scheduled Council meeting. "Non-Agenda Comment" is limited to 30 minutes during the morning session of the Tuesday Council meeting. Per Rule 2.2, any remaining speakers will be given an opportunity to speak after Council concludes the other agenda items for that day. Pursuant to open meeting laws, no substantive discussion or action may be taken at the meeting; however, answers may be provided, staff direction may be given, and the matter may be referred to a future meeting. Please note: During those weeks when City Council meetings are scheduled to be held at 6:00 p.m. in Council Chambers, Non-Agenda Comment will be held at the 6:00 p.m. meeting for that day. Please also note: Non-Agenda Comment will NOT be heard during Special Meetings of the City Council.

Closed Session: Members of the public may also speak to items docketed for Closed Session of the City Council. Comments will be taken when the docketed items are read into the record by the City Clerk prior to the Council adjourning into Closed Session. Time allotted to each speaker is determined by the Chair and, in general, is limited to three (3) minutes per speaker per item.

How can I get a copy of the Closed Session agenda?

The Closed Session agenda is available on the City website on the Wednesday morning prior to the City Council meeting. Copies of the Closed Session agenda are also available in the City Clerk's Office.

Can I speak at the City Council’s Closed Session meeting?

By State law, Closed Session meetings are not open to the public. However, members of the public can testify to a Closed Session item in the open-session City Council meeting prior to the Closed Session meeting. "Closed Session speaker slips" are available in the Council Chambers and should be submitted to the City Clerk prior to the start of the City Council meeting.

Where can I obtain a Resolution or Ordinance?

Many City Council and City Agency Resolutions and Ordinances are available on-line. Copies of resolutions and ordinances approved by the City Council are available at the City Clerk's office. Call the Public Information Section at 619-533-4000 or come to the City Clerk's office to obtain copies. Copies are 25 cents per page.

Are the Council meetings televised?

Monday afternoon Council meetings are televised "live" on Monday at 2 p.m. (Cox Cable 24, Time Warner Cable 24) and are re-televised at 7 p.m. on Monday evenings. The Tuesday Council meetings are televised "live" on Tuesday at 10 a.m. (Cox Cable 24, Time Warner Cable 24) and re-televised at 7 p.m. on Tuesday evening. The bi-monthly 6 p.m. Council meetings are also televised "live" at 6 p.m. For more information, view the PDF icon CityTV Program Schedule.

There may be alternative televised schedules for those areas outside the City's boundaries.

Can I watch Council meetings and Council Committee meetings on the Web?

Yes. Live and archived video of Council meetings dating back to 2004 and Council Committee meetings (date-availability varies by committee) can be viewed on-line from the City’s Webcasting web page.

What are the standing City Council Committees?

Legislative matters are often discussed by a standing Council Committee prior to placement on the City Council Docket. There are eight standing City Council Committees, with Councilmembers serving on each. Each committee focuses on a different subject area as reflected by their names: Active Transportation and Infrastructure Committee; Audit Committee; Budget and Government Efficiency Committee; Economic Development and Intergovernmental Relations Committee; Environment Committee; Land Use and Housing Committee; Public Safety and Livable Neighborhoods Committee; and Rules Committee.

To view all City Council Committee agendas, actions and any relevant information about each City Council Committee please visit the City Council Committees page. If you would like to receive Agenda email notifications for one of the Committees please email Mwallace@sandiego.gov or call 619-533-3984. All City Council Committees can be viewed live on CityTV or view archived video. Please view the PDF icon legislative calendar for the schedule of upcoming City Council Committee meetings

Where can I get the agenda for one of the standing Council Committee Meetings?

The Council Committee agendas and actions are available on-line, or from the City Clerk's Office. Call the Public Information Section at 619-533-4000 or come to the City Clerk's office to obtain copies. Subscriptions to the agendas are also available from the Committee Consultants' secretary. Call 619-533-3984 for more information.

How can I find out what happened at the City Council meeting?

The results of the City Council meetings are posted online within 48 hours of the completion of the Monday and Tuesday sessions. They are also available by calling the Information Services section of the Office of the City Clerk at 619-533-4000. The results of the Monday afternoon Council meetings are available on the Tuesday morning following the meeting. The minutes of the City Council meetings are generally available online within four to six weeks after the meeting. Video archives of Council Meetings dating back to 2004 are also available for viewing.

What does the Clerk charge for documents?

For a list of charges, view the PDF icon User Fee Schedule. You may also view and print your own copies of the San Diego Municipal Code and Council Policies.