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Office of the City Clerk

Council Policies

What is a Council Policy?

City of San Diego Council Policies contain all City policy statements adopted by resolution of the City Council. Each policy statement includes:

  1. a brief background description;
  2. the purpose of the policy;
  3. the policy statements;
  4. other criteria or procedural sections as required; and
  5. cross reference notations as to appropriate provisions in the City Charter, Municipal Code, Administrative Regulations, etc.


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Council Policies by Policy Number

Official City Documents

Number Title
cpd_000-00 Policy Guide
cpd_000-01 Council Policy Manual
cpd_000-02 Budget Policies
cpd_000-03 People with Disabilities
cpd_000-04 Code of Ethics and Ethics Training
cpd_000-05 Coordination of Special City Council Meetings
cpd_000-06 Reconsideration of Noticed Public Hearings
cpd_000-07 General Regulatory Legislation
cpd_000-08 Travel by City Personnel
cpd_000-09 Claims Against the City
cpd_000-10 Use of Council Chambers, Council Conference Room and Council Committee Room
cpd_000-11 Appeals from Decisions of the Police Chief Relative to Police-Regulated Business
cpd_000-12 Racial Discrimination
cpd_000-13 Procedure for Mayor and Council Appointments
cpd_000-14 Sister City Program Travel by Council Members
cpd_000-15 Complaints Alleging Misconduct on the Part of a City Employee or Officer
cpd_000-16 Open Meetings
cpd_000-17 Furnishing Back-up Material for Council Docket
cpd_000-18 Sister City Program
cpd_000-19 Legislative Policy Guidelines - 1997 - 1998
cpd_000-20 Annual Council Programming
cpd_000-21 Submission of Ballot Proposals
cpd_000-22 Routing Procedures for Communication Items
cpd_000-23 Product Endorsement
cpd_000-24 Citizen's Complaints Regarding Municipal Code Violations
cpd_000-25 Records Management Program
cpd_000-26 City Funds Commission Reports
cpd_000-27 'In-Town Reimbursable Expense' and 'Out-of-Town Travel Procedures'
cpd_000-28 Expenses for Executive and Managerial Recruitment
cpd_000-29 Hearing Procedures for Determinations of Contractor Responsibility and Bid Protests
cpd_000-30 Competition Program
cpd_000-31 Capital Improvement Program Transparency
cpd_000-32 Neighborhood Input on Infrastructure Needs and Priorities
cpd_000-33 Implementation of Accepted Grand Jury Recommendations
cpd_000-34 Conflict of Interest Waivers
cpd_000-40 Marketing Partnership Policy
cpd_000-41 Endorsement
cpd_000-50 Emergency Response Plan for the Homeless
cpd_000-51 Comprehensive Policy on Homelessness
cpd_100-01 Joint Purchasing
cpd_100-02 City Receipt of Donations
cpd_100-03 Transient Occupancy Tax
cpd_100-04 American with Disabilities Act Compliance/City Contractors
cpd_100-05 User Fee Policy
cpd_100-06 City Council Funding of Community Projects, Programs and Services
cpd_100-07 Library Matching Materials Funds
cpd_100-08 Library Matching Equipment Fund
cpd_100-09 Use of Urban Development Action Grant (UDAG) Revenue
cpd_100-10 Small and Local Business Preference for Goods, Services, and Consultant Contracts
cpd_100-11 Refund and Relief Policy when Permits or Approvals are Issued in Error