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City Attorney Memoranda of Law

What is a Memorandum of Law?

A City Attorney Memorandum of Law is a response to a request typically posed by the Mayor, City Council (jointly or separately), any full commission, board, committee, or agency (whether or not Charter based), through that entity's executive director or City liaison, or Department Director, which narrowly applies the interpretation of the current law to a particular problem or situation.

These documents do not contain any referenced attachments or enclosures. Printed copies of all City Attorney Memorandum of Law are available for viewing at the City Clerk's Office, 202 "C" Street, Second Floor, San Diego, CA. Questions about particular Legal Opinions should be directed to:

Law Librarian
Office of the City Attorney
1200 Third Avenue, Ste. 1100
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 533-5800

Memorandums from January 1986 through present are available.

Find a Memorandum of Law:

Memoranda of Law by Year

Datesort ascending Number Title
10/26/2022 MS-2022-9 PDF icon Legal Guidance for the City Council's Upcoming 'Workshop on a Framework for Amending the Tenants' Right to Know Ordinance
09/14/2022 MS-2022-8 PDF icon Claims Against the City - Council Policy 000-09
06/06/2022 MS-2022-6 PDF icon Homelessness Lawsuits Summary
04/22/2022 MS-2022-5 PDF icon Proposed Measure to Amend the City Charter to Establish a Process for Retention and use of Private Legal Counsel by the Auditor and Audit Committee
03/30/2022 MS-2022-4 PDF icon Committee on Rules and Council-Initiated Matters
03/08/2022 MS-2022-3 PDF icon Legal Consideration for Council's Legislative Process
02/25/2022 MS-2022-2 PDF icon City Auditor Participation in City Council Closed Session Meetings
02/07/2022 MS-2022-1 PDF icon Bankers Hill 150 v. City of San Diego, Case No. D077963
12/30/2021 MS-2021-20 (REV.) PDF icon Implementation of the Commission on Police Practices
10/18/2021 MS-2021-19 PDF icon Amended: Role of the Criminal Division of the San Diego City Attorney's Office
09/28/2021 ms-2021-18 PDF icon Legal Update: Assembly Bill 361 amending the Ralph M. Brown Act
08/24/2021 MS-2021-17 PDF icon Legislative History of San Diego Municipal Code Section 22.3105
08/02/2021 MS-2021-16 PDF icon Census Delay Impact on Redistricting
07/16/2021 MS-2021-14 PDF icon Housing Authority Oversight of the San Diego Housing Commission and its Board
07/16/2021 MS-2021-15 PDF icon Race or Gender-Conscious Contracting Program
07/09/2021 MS-2021-13 PDF icon Potential Conflict of Interest Related to the Unwinding of Proposition B
05/17/2021 MS-2021-12 PDF icon Certification of Funds Under Charter sections 39 and 80
04/22/2021 MS-2021-10 Legal Update to 2012 Memorandum of Law titled “Proposition 218 Impacts to Storm Drain Fees”
04/09/2021 MS-2021-8 PDF icon Case Law Update on Elected Officials' Use of Social Media: Garnier v. O'Connor-Ratcliff
04/09/2021 MS-2021-9 PDF icon Legality of Extension of Credit by Development Services Department (DSD) for Deposit Accounts