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City Attorney Memoranda of Law

What is a Memorandum of Law?

A City Attorney Memorandum of Law is a response to a request typically posed by the Mayor, City Council (jointly or separately), any full commission, board, committee, or agency (whether or not Charter based), through that entity's executive director or City liaison, or Department Director, which narrowly applies the interpretation of the current law to a particular problem or situation.

These documents do not contain any referenced attachments or enclosures. Printed copies of all City Attorney Memorandum of Law are available for viewing at the City Clerk's Office, 202 "C" Street, Second Floor, San Diego, CA. Questions about particular Legal Opinions should be directed to:

Law Librarian
Office of the City Attorney
1200 Third Avenue, Ste. 1100
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 533-5800

Memorandums from January 1986 through present are available.

Find a Memorandum of Law:

Memoranda of Law by Year

Datesort ascending Number Title
12/09/1985 ML-85-93 PDF icon Job Duties of Center Directors of Various Recreation Centers as they Relate to Recreation Councils (Nonprofit Organizations)
12/05/1985 ML-85-88 PDF icon Acknowledgment of Documents and Notary Responsibilities
12/02/1985 MS-85-6 PDF icon Figi Giftware Company - Property Conveyance and Construction without Benefit of a Parcel or Subdivision Map
11/21/1985 ML-85-84 PDF icon New Boat Construction and Final Rigging for Boats Transported to Leased Premises - Mission Bay Marina
11/20/1985 ML-85-82 PDF icon Gann Limit; Exception For Certain Mandates
11/19/1985 ML-85-79 PDF icon Local Board Composition Under SB 190
11/19/1985 ML-85-83 PDF icon Student Career Introduction Program
11/19/1985 ML-85-85 PDF icon Wastewater Recycling Facility in Balboa Park
11/19/1985 ML-85-87 PDF icon Overnight Camping on Access Road to Lake Hodges
11/14/1985 ML-85-86 PDF icon Ex Parte Contacts with Constituents Regarding Pending Conditional Use Permits
11/13/1985 ML-85-81 PDF icon Issues Concerning Long-Term Disability
11/13/1985 ML-85-76 PDF icon Transient Occupancy Tax; Holiday Clubs International
11/12/1985 ML-85-77 PDF icon Robbins-McAlister Financial Responsibility Act (California Vehicle Code section 16028 et seq.)
11/06/1985 ML-85-78 PDF icon Penal Code 311 - Definition of Obscenity
11/05/1985 ML-85-80 PDF icon Student Career Introduction Program
10/30/1985 ML-85-72 PDF icon Park Fees Ordinance for Twenty-six Community Planning Areas
10/28/1985 ML-85-74 PDF icon Requirement to Contract With Respect to Emergency Medical Services
10/25/1985 ML-85-71 PDF icon Gann Limit; Response to Various Questions Regarding
10/21/1985 ML-85-70 PDF icon Adoption of Ordinances or Resolutions; Votes Necessary For
10/18/1985 ML-85-69 PDF icon Council District Seven Vacancy


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