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City Bulletin of Public Notices

The City Bulletin of Public Notices includes the City's official advertising and notices as required by City, State or Federal regulation. This site provides important information about public hearings, bid & contract opportunities, city ordinances and resolutions, and many other official notices. The notices can be listed by one of the nine main categories defined below. For a complete historical listing of legal notices, please visit the website of the City's Official Newspaper, the Daily Transcript.

Find a Public Notice:

Public Hearings

Noticing property owners, tenants, concerned citizens or interested persons on a public hearing held by City Council, Planning Commission, or Hearing Officer.

Notice Date Title Expires
01/15/2020 PDF icon Update to the Housing Element of the City of San Diego General Plan 2021-2029 03/17/2020
01/15/2020 PDF icon Mt Etna Drive CPA and Rezone 03/17/2020
01/15/2020 PDF icon 4337 Home Avenue 02/18/2020
01/08/2020 PDF icon Abbott Residence CDP/SDP 03/10/2020
12/27/2019 PDF icon Billboard Regulations Related to Cannabis Advertising 02/28/2020
12/04/2019 PDF icon Playa Del Sur TM/CDP 02/05/2020
12/04/2019 PDF icon Newman Residence 02/05/2020
12/04/2019 PDF icon 1217 Lincoln Avenue Tentative Map Waiver 02/05/2020
12/04/2019 PDF icon City Liquor CUP 02/05/2020
12/04/2019 PDF icon Crisafulli SDP 02/05/2020
12/04/2019 PDF icon Mayorquin Residence 02/05/2020
11/27/2019 PDF icon Froude Residences 01/28/2020
11/27/2019 PDF icon Verizon Mt. Ada 01/28/2020
11/27/2019 PDF icon Sprint PLNU 01/28/2020
11/27/2019 PDF icon 12th Update (Phase Three) to the Land Development Code 01/28/2020
11/20/2019 PDF icon Atlas Specific Plan Amendment 01/21/2020
11/20/2019 PDF icon 4337 Home Avenue Marijuana Outlet NUP/CUP 01/21/2020
11/19/2019 PDF icon West Miramar Landfill Phase II Height Increase 01/21/2020

California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Documents

The following documents are available to view at the CEQA website:

  • Projects that have been determined to be subject to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and are currently available for public comment
  • Final environmental documents prepared by the City of San Diego
  • Notices of environmental determinations made by City staff, the City Hearing Officer, and the City Planning Commission that may be appealed to the City Council in accordance with Section 112.0520 of the Municipal Code

Go to the CEQA Website

Land Use and Development

Noticing property owners, tenants, concerned citizens, and interested persons on applications for permits, maps or other matters regarding land use and development. Includes Notice of Application, Notice of Future Decision.

Notice Date Title Expires
01/15/2020 PDF icon Crest Canyon Emergency Storm Drain Pipe Replacement 03/17/2020
01/13/2020 PDF icon Sorrento Valley Road Storage 02/14/2020
01/08/2020 PDF icon Georgia Lofts TM 02/11/2020
01/07/2020 PDF icon 2521 Calle del Oro SDP 02/08/2020
01/07/2020 PDF icon National Crossroads CUP 02/08/2020
01/07/2020 PDF icon Diamond St Companion Unit CDP 02/08/2020
01/07/2020 PDF icon AC Hotel CUP 02/08/2020
12/31/2019 PDF icon 30th & C St Market CUP 02/01/2020
12/31/2019 PDF icon Crown Castle Torrey Pines HS 02/01/2020
12/31/2019 PDF icon Convoy Court TM 02/01/2020
12/31/2019 PDF icon Gibbs Residence CDP 02/01/2020
12/27/2019 PDF icon 7-Eleven Store #41138 CUP 01/28/2020
12/26/2019 PDF icon UCSD Hillcrest Street Vacation 01/28/2020
12/26/2019 PDF icon 9G Tower SDP/CUP/TM 01/28/2020
12/24/2019 PDF icon Paradise Point Lot 2 SCR 01/25/2020
12/23/2019 PDF icon Saratoga Ave CDP 01/24/2020
12/23/2019 PDF icon Hartbor MO CUP Amendment 01/24/2020
12/18/2019 PDF icon Sewer-Storm Drain GJ 828 SDP 01/21/2020
11/22/2019 PDF icon Cole Duplex Apts SDP EOT 01/23/2020
11/22/2019 PDF icon Fairmount Ave SDP/TM 01/23/2020
11/22/2019 PDF icon LJB 12 CDP 01/23/2020
11/21/2019 PDF icon Coast Boulevard Street Panel Replacement CDP 01/22/2020
11/21/2019 PDF icon Bermuda Avenue Coastal Access 01/22/2020
11/21/2019 PDF icon 5th and Thorn 01/22/2020
11/20/2019 PDF icon Verizon Micro Heights CUP 01/21/2020
11/18/2019 PDF icon Kaiser Clairemont (E0016) NUP 01/21/2020
11/18/2019 PDF icon Sea World CPA 01/21/2020
11/18/2019 PDF icon Burnham/Carriage House CUP Amendment 01/21/2020


Construction, Consultants, Materials, Equipment,Services

Visit Bids & Contracts for information on Construction, Consultant,Materials, Equipment,Services bids.

Council Resolutions and Ordinances

An ordinance is a law adopted by the City Council. Ordinances usually amend, repeal or supplement the Municipal Code; provide zoning specifications; or appropriate money for specific purposes. Most ordinances require two hearings: an introduction, followed later by the final adoption. A resolution is a formal expression of opinion or intention of the City Council. Resolutions usually become effective upon their adoption.

Noticing to concerned citizen and interested persons of City Council Resolutions and Ordinances.


Visit Bids & Contracts for other information related to Materials/Equipment/Services, Construction and Consultants.

It is the policy of the City of San Diego to encourage equal opportunity in its construction, consultant, material and supply contracts. The City is committed to equal opportunity and will not do business with any firm that discriminates on any basis.

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