Public Services Section

The Public Services Section provides legal advice to City Departments including Transportation and Storm Water, Environmental Services, Purchasing and Contracting, Information Technology, Equal Opportunity Contracting, and the Office of ADA Compliance and Accessibility. The Section's attorneys draft solicitations, contracts, franchise agreements, ordinances, resolutions, Council policies, administrative regulations, and legal correspondence, memoranda, and opinions; represent departments in various regulatory matters involving the Regional Water Quality Control Board, Air Pollution Control District, Department of Environmental Health, and the California Integrated Waste Management Board; assist in grant acquisitions for energy and recycling projects; and advise City task forces and advisory committees. They provide legal advice in areas such as storm water regulations and compliance; environmental clean-up actions; Americans with Disabilities Act requirements; competitive bidding; contract claims; debarment; living wages; prevailing wages; equal opportunity contracting; clean energy; intellectual property; solid waste, hazardous waste, and recycling issues; and fees and taxes under Propositions 13, 26, and 218.