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Know Your Neighborhood Prosecutor

Neighborhood Prosecutors, in cooperation with the San Diego Police Department, other agencies, and the community, work aggressively and creatively to address quality of life crimes.  These crimes include prostitution, graffiti, vandalism, gang offenses, disturbing the peace, alcohol and drug offenses. Deputy City Attorneys work in targeted neighborhoods side-by-side with police officers and community members on problem-solving initiatives.

Neighborhood Prosecutors are currently assigned to nine divisions of the San Diego Police Department (SDPD):

  • Chief Deputy City Attorney Lara Easton supervises the Neighborhood Justice and Collaborative Courts Unit (NJU).

  • Deputy City Attorney Natasha Robertson is assigned to the Community Justice Initiative (CJI).


Please contact Chief Deputy City Attorney Lara Easton at 619-533-6208 with any questions or concerns.


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