Climate Resilient SD Plan

Climate Resilient SD is the City’s comprehensive climate adaptation and resiliency plan, which will increase our ability to adapt, recover and thrive in a changing climate.

Climate Resilient SD Plan

Strategic Plan Priority Areas of Focus

This initiative focuses on the following priority areas of the Strategic Plan:

Protect & Enrich Every Neighborhood

Ensures every neighborhood can not only adapt to climate change but can thrive in a changing climate.

Advance Mobility & Infrastructure

Climate Resilient SD adaptation strategies involve mobility and infrastructure investments that are critical for climate adaptation and improve our communities.

Champion Sustainability

Climate Resilient SD adaptation strategies ensure future investments in infrastructure are resilient to climate change and involve nature-based climate change solutions that can reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions.

Foster Regional Prosperity

Investing in adaptation strategies can drive and promote regional economic prosperity.

Plan Development

Climate Resilient SD was a multi-year planning process that incorporated input from organizations and agencies, public outreach events, public hearings and community surveys, as well as potentially impacted City departments.

Developing the Vision and Goals of Climate Resilient SD

During the planning process for Climate Resilient SD, the webpage linked below provided an overview on the climate change projection for the San Diego region and included a survey where community members could provide feedback on what their visions and goals were for San Diego’s resilient future.

Adaptation Strategy Public Engagement

Learn more about potential adaptation strategies the Planning Department discussed with the public to address sea level rise, extreme heat, wildfire and flooding by viewing the engagement tools: 

Previous Community Engagement Tools and Meetings

On April 19, 2021, City staff held a virtual workshop so the public could learn more about the plan and share their ideas on how we can flourish as our climate changes. View the video recording of the workshop.

City staff hosted a virtual workshop on Oct. 19, 2021, to introduce the Climate Resilient SD draft plan to the public and listen to public feedback. View the video recording of the workshop.

Comments and input on the Climate Resilient SD draft plan were gathered using an interactive tool. View the draft and the comments.

A document was also prepared to summarize all the community engagement that was conducted for this planning effort, and how public feedback received through this engagement shaped the development of the Climate Resilient SD plan. View the  community engagement summary.

Climate Resilient SD Environmental Documents

General Plan Safety Element Update

An  Addendum to Environmental Impact Report No. 104495 was prepared. In accordance with Senate Bill 379, the Climate Resilient SD Plan also includes an amendment to the City's General Plan Public Facilities, Services and Safety Element. View the  edits in strikethrough/underline format.

Climate Vulnerability Assessments

State Lands Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment

Pursuant to Assembly Bill No. 691 (AB 691), and as a local trustee of the granted public trust lands, the City completed a state granted lands sea-level rise vulnerability assessment, evaluating the impacts of sea-level rise on its public trust lands and detailing a plan to address vulnerabilities and mitigate impacts. The assessment considers the recommendations under the California Ocean Protection Council’s State Sea Level Rise Policy Guidance and the California Coastal Commission’s Sea Level Rise Policy Guidance to assess impacts of storms and extreme weather events, changing shorelines, trends in relative local sea level, and impacts to public trust resources and values. Through this assessment, the City identified the vulnerabilities of City assets and public trust resources and facilities, considered replacement or repair costs, and assessed the impact to non-market values, such as ecosystem services, for the years 2030, 2050 and 2100. To address these vulnerabilities, the City, with input from local stakeholders, compiled a list of potential adaptation and mitigation measures, organized by climate change hazard. These measures included with estimated costs, associated benefits and timeframes for implementation.

Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment

The City of San Diego has long recognized the need to address the risks from sea level rise, storm surge and coastal erosion. To better understand these risks, the City conducted a sea level rise vulnerability assessment with funding from a California Coastal Commission Local Coastal Program Local Assistance Grant. This vulnerability assessment is a technical report that presents key findings from the assessment of exposure, sensitivity and adaptive capacity of critical built, natural and cultural assets to coastal hazards.

Citywide Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment

The Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment was a key step towards completing Climate Resilient SD. Backed by the best available science and informed by a diverse Stakeholder Advisory Group, the Vulnerability Assessment identified and evaluated which City assets are vulnerable to climate change and the potential consequences that could occur. A high level overview of the findings is presented in the  brochure. Read the  full report.

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