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Our Climate, Our Future is the City of San Diego's comprehensive approach to climate action. The evolving plans and programs under Our Climate, Our Future will allow us to equitably achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions Citywide by 2035 while benefiting residents through new economic opportunities, improving both natural and urban spaces and protecting vulnerable communities from climate threats like extreme heat, wildfires and sea level rise.


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GHG Reductions Human Health Natural Habitat and Biodiversity Resiliency Access to Safe Routes for Bikes and Walking Local Resource Independence GHG Reductions GHG Reductions Reduced Island Heat Effect Resiliency Traffic Congestion GHG Reductions Air Quality Resiliency ResiliencyPublic Health

GHG Reductions

The City of San Diego has set a goal to bring all municipally owned and operated facilities to zero emissions by 2035. Our libraries, senior centers, recreation centers, fire stations, police stations and more will all be retrofitted with clean and renewable energy technologies.

Learn more about the City’s work to reduce municipal building emissions.

Human Health

Cool Zones can provide relief during extreme heat events. Through Our Climate, Our Future, the City is looking to expand access to Cool Zones and other resources that can provide San Diego's residents with relief from the heat.

Find your nearest Cool Zone.

Natural Habitat and Biodiversity

There are more than 150 urban canyons throughout San Diego that provide both conservation and recreational opportunities. Through Our Climate, Our Future, the City is looking to protect and restore them for future generations.

Learn more about the City’s Biodiversity program.

Read about the recent expansion of conserved wildlife areas.


The City of San Diego is committed to increasing the number of trees in the City's urban forest. This will help the City become more resilient to extreme heat, meet the goals of the Climate Action Plan and provide public spaces for all to enjoy.

Learn more about the benefits of trees.

Access to Safe Routes for Bikes and Walking

The City is working to make it as easy to ride your bike around town as it is to drive your car. This will help reduce harmful emissions and improve air quality.

Find a bike route near you with the San Diego Regional Bike Map.

Local Resource Independence

Renewable microgrids allow buildings to operate during power outages using renewable energy generated and stored onsite. This advanced energy solution helps reduce stress on the electric grid and can reduce energy costs for customers.

GHG Reductions

Solar power helps reduce costs for residents and businesses and will help the City achieve 100% renewable energy by 2030.

San Diego Community Power provides 100% renewable electricity to the City of San Diego. San Diego Community Power offers 100% renewable energy for residents too.

GHG Reductions

Traveling by transit allows you to relax and let someone else do the driving. It also helps the City achieve its climate goals of reducing transportation emissions associated with car travel.

Get Involved! Take part in Transit Tuesday! Plan your trip.

Reduced Island Heat Effect

Adding greenery to a roof makes these spaces healthier and more enjoyable, provides relief from extreme heat and reduces energy costs.

Learn more about urban heat islands and their health risk to San Diegans.


Bioswales and other types of green infrastructure not only provide natural settings for us to enjoy but also prepares us for flooding.

Traffic Congestion

Carpooling or finding other ways to reduce the number of vehicle trips you take provides you with opportunities to connect with your neighbors, while also helping the City achieve its climate goals of reducing travel by single-occupant cars.

Find someone to share a ride with commute!

GHG Reductions

Switching to an electric vehicle instead of a gas-powered vehicle is one way to help fight climate change.

Air Quality

Electric transit helps improve air quality and gets people around safely and efficiently.

Learn more about scooter safety.


A living shoreline can provide benefits such as carbon sequestration, a habitat for plants and animals and is an example of a nature-based solution to protect coastal areas from sea level rise, coastal flooding and erosion.

Learn more about the City’s upcoming Coastal Resilience Master Plan that comes as part of the Climate Resilient SD plan.


Floodable waterfront parks provide recreational opportunities for residents and visitors while also reducing impacts from coastal flooding.

Public Health

Trees and other shaded structures provide cool areas for relief from the heat while also increasing opportunities to play in our parks.

View the City’s urban tree canopy.

Get involved! Through Free Tree SD residents can request a new street tree.

  • organic waste recycling

    Organics Recycling Program

    Organic waste recycling and edible food recovery play a vital role in tackling the climate crisis. Recycling organic waste like food scraps and yard trimmings into compost reduces greenhouse gas emissions while edible food recovery helps feed food-insecure members of our community. Read more about the Organic Recycling Program

  • Climate Action Plan

    Climate Action Plan

    When the City of San Diego released the landmark Climate Action Plan in 2015, it included a commitment to update the plan in five years. We’re proud to announce the updated Climate Action Plan will be a major step forward for San Diego. Local efforts will be aligned with national and global emissions reduction goals to deliver a better future for all - elevating equity, quality of life and economic opportunity. Read more about the Climate Action Plan

  • Climate Resilient SD

    Climate Resilient SD is a plan to prepare our communities for the impacts of climate change, including extreme heat, wildfires, flooding, drought and sea level rise. This plan lays the foundation for a greener, healthier and more prepared and enjoyable city, with a focus on frontline communities that will bear the largest burden of extreme weather in San Diego. Read more about Climate Resilient SD

  • Municipal Energy Strategy

    Municipal Energy Strategy

    The City of San Diego’s municipal building portfolio and vehicle fleet present significant opportunities to lead by example, create high quality local jobs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants from City operations.  Read more about the Municipal Energy Strategy

  • Building Decarbonization

    Building Decarbonization

    Building decarbonization presents an opportunity to reduce the City’s greenhouse gas emissions and improve resident health, resilience and economic well-being. Read more about Building Decarbonization

  • Climate Equity

    Climate Equity

    To address equity and environmental justice in the City of San Diego’s climate actions, the City developed a first-of-its-kind Climate Equity Index (CEI) through a community-driven process with local nonprofits and community-based organizations. The CEI measures relative access to opportunity and environmental, economic and health conditions among San Diego communities. The City also created a Climate Equity Fund that is dedicated to climate investments in Communities of Concern as designated by the CEI. Read more about Climate Equity

City Initiatives

The City continues to work on a number of other initiatives that will benefit our climate and the future of our residents. Learn more about them:

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