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Sustainability and Mobility

Climate Action Plan

San Diego’s landmark 2022 Climate Action Plan (English / Spanish) which takes bold steps toward a more sustainable place to live, work and play -- has been unanimously approved by the City Council and signed into law by Mayor Todd Gloria.

Out Climate Our Future

The 2022 CAP establishes a community-wide goal of net zero by 2035, committing San Diego to an accelerated trajectory for greenhouse gas reductions. Achieving net-zero emissions will improve the air we breathe, the communities we live in, and our overall quality of life. 

More than 4,000 San Diegans shared their needs, concerns and priorities in the development of this plan. San Diego is leading the way and the City has already begun work, including transitioning all City facilities to San Diego Community Power’s 100% renewable energy service, funding early implementation steps, and partnering with labor organizations to complete a workforce impacts study.  

On February 28th, we released the draft Implementation Plan as an accompaniment to the Climate Action Plan. The Climate Action Implementation Plan organizes the City's processes and government structure around the net-zero goal - centering equity, accountability, and transparency. Please email us at with any questions, comments, or feedback on the draft plan.



Discover concrete ways you can get involved in climate action below.

Strategy 1 DecarbonizationStrategy 1: Decarbonization of the Built Environment

This strategy aims to dramatically avoid greenhouse gas emissions from buildings across the City and to improve our indoor air quality. It includes measures to address emissions from existing buildings and municipal facilities and for new development.

Strategy 2 IconStrategy 2: Access to Clean & Renewable Energy

This strategy maintains the City’s commitment to 100% renewable energy and now acknowledges that the pathway to achieve this target is through San Diego Community Power. It also sets more ambitious targets for converting the City’s fleet of vehicles to electric and for the first time aims to increase the number of electric vehicles used by our communities.

Strategy 3 IconStrategy 3: Mobility & Land Use

This strategy focuses on emissions from transportation, which account for more than half of all greenhouse gas emissions in San Diego. It also includes actions that support mode shift through mobility and land-use actions and policies.

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Strategy 5 IconStrategy 5: Resilient Infrastructure and Healthy Ecosystems

This strategy will help the City thrive in the face of the impacts of climate change through a greater focus on the greening of our City, starting with our Communities of Concern.  It also includes targets for the restoration of salt marshland for sequestration and increasing our local water supply through Pure Water San Diego.

Strategy 6 IconStrategy 6: Emerging Climate Actions

This strategy addresses those greenhouse gas emissions that will remain after all currently identified measures have been achieved. These emissions will need to be addressed to achieve our net-zero goal. The City will continue to identify additional actions, pursue technological innovation, expand partnerships, and support research that reduces GHG emissions in all sectors.

Implementation icon   Implement

Implementation of the CAP is a large, interdepartmental effort that requires significant collaboration. To ensure that the City meets its goal, the Sustainability and Mobility Department has been working with other departments to put together an Implementation Matrix (linked below). The Implementation Matrix has been expanded into an Implementation Plan that will be brought forward for consideration in early 2023.

On February 28th, we released the draft Implementation Plan as an accompaniment to the Climate Action Plan. The Climate Action Implementation Plan organizes the City's processes and government structure around the net-zero goal - centering equity, accountability, and transparency. An Implementation Cost Analysis (ICA) report was prepared in tandem which estimates the known costs and staffing needs for CAP implementation over the first five fiscal years. Please email us at with any questions, comments, or feedback on the draft plan.

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Our Climate, Our Future Activity Book

In partnership with the San Diego Public Library, we created an activity book for youth to get inspired about the future of San Diego. Share your creations with us at

Request Virtual Presentation

Email us at to have our team present to your community group. The Sustainability and Mobility Department is offering presentations to community groups who would like to learn about Our Climate, Our Future and provide feedback.

Past Forums

In 2020, we hosted ten forums including one in each council district. Watch the video of our first public forum. In Feb. 2021, we hosted a virtual forum focused on the business community. Watch that recording here.

How Did We Get Here?

This helpful video sums up the main strategies of the Climate Action Plan. Meet five San Diego residents who are helping the City achieve its goals:

Additional Information

The 2022 Climate Action Plan update builds upon the 2015 Climate Action Plan, setting forth aggressive goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.