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Development Services


All new applications are required to be submitted electronically. DSD Information Bulletins and Forms are in the process of being updated as needed to reflect instructions for digital submittal processes.

Apply for a Permit

If you don't find a form here, please call 619-446-5000 and request that the form be sent to you.

Note: Forms requiring signature will still need to be submitted to Development Services in hard copy with original signatures.

General Application

FORM DS - 3032

Use to apply for a permit for construction, plumbing, electrical, mechanical work, grading, work in the public right - of - way, demolition/removal permits, development permits or policy approvals.

Revised January 2019

General Application, Supplemental

FORM DS - 3032a

Use this supplemental form along with the General application (DS - 3032) when all information on the general application is the same and that information applies to all addresses in the project.

Revised October 2016

Habitable Accessory Structure Agreement

FORM DS - 203

Use this form when requesting permission from the City of San Diego to construct a Guest Quarters or Habitable Accessory Structure per Chapter 14, Article 1, Division 3 of the San Diego Municipal Code.

Revised December 2011

Hazardous Materials Reporting

FORM DS - 165

This form is used to determine the occupancy classification of the proposed structure(s) along with the fire and life safety protection systems and procedures required.

Revised October 2023

High-Piled Combustible Storage

FORM DS - 164

This form is required to be submitted for all new or existing High - Piled Combustible Storage as defined in the California Fire Code.

Revised July 2017

Hydrant Flow Request

FORM DS - 160

Request this form to review the available water flow and pressure for a hydrant. This information is used by the customer to design fire sprinkler systems.

Revised October 2016

Improvement Agreement Bond

FORM DS - 402

Use this form for surety bond(s) associated with Subdivision or Deferred Improvement Agreements.

Revised February 2011

Industrial Development in All Zones except RM and C


Landscape Calculation Worksheet.

Revised August 2020

Industrial Development in RM, C Zones and Commercial Development in All Zones


Landscape Calculation Worksheet.

Revised August 2020

Inspection Status of Engineering Permit

FORM DS - 901

Use this form to request a confirmation of the inspection status of drawings signed by the City Engineer for grading on private property

and the construction, reconstruction, or repair of improvements within the public right-of-way.

Revised May 2019