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Development Services

Building Permit Issuance

Construction permits are issued once the project application has been reviewed and signed off by all the required review disciplines. All projects will be automatically placed into a permit issuance queue for staff to conduct pre-permit issuance reviews. During pre-permit issuance, the applicant will receive an e-mail if additional documents are required. Customers are encouraged to schedule a Virtual Appointment to expedite permit issuance. 

Issuance Requirements

Visit the Development Services Department (DSD) online permitting portal and log into your account to submit the required issuance documents requested by permit issuance staff. Review the User Guide for detailed instructions on how to submit documents electronically.

Required Documents

If applicable, these documents must be submitted to the related agencies PRIOR to permit issuance.

  1. Project Contact Information (DS-345) (required for all projects).
  2. Owner-Builder Verification (DS-3042) (if the permit will be issued to the owner-builder).
  3. San Diego Regional Hazardous Materials Questionnaire (HM-9171). Required for all non-residential projects, all residential multi-family buildings with four or more dwelling units per building and all residential projects where the property contains more than one detached residential building (excluding garages and small outbuildings not used as dwelling units).
  4. Waste Management Form (ES-008) (If applicable, the Waste Management Form must be submitted to the Environmental Services Department PRIOR to permit issuance.)
  5. Proof of Water and Sewer Payment. (Review Information Bulletin 501 for applicability.)
  6. Proof of School Fee Payment (Review Information Bulletin 146 for applicability.)


  • Outstanding Plan Check Fees
    Any outstanding plan check fees must be paid prior to uploading the requested Issuance Checklist Items shown on the attachment for permit issuance.
  • Inspection Fees
    Inspection fees will be invoiced at the time of permit issuance and must be paid prior to the start of construction.
  • Water & Sewer Fees
    If applicable, proof of water and sewer payment will be required before permit issuance. See Information Bulletin 501 for more information.
  • School Fees
    Please contact the applicable school district(s) directly to pay a school fee and obtain a Certificate of Compliance. See Information Bulletin 146 for more information.
  • Development Impact Fees (DIF)  
    The impact fees are part of land development within the City of San Diego and are paid at building permit issuance. Learn more.
  • For any additional inspection fees, refer to Information Bulletin 501.

Fee Reminders

Water and Sewer Invoices
Water and sewer must be paid in person, and the invoice must reflect the same date as the 15-minute in-person appointment. Schedule an appointment.
Important: Invoices without the correct date will require staff to generate a new invoice, which may exceed the 15-minute appointment time. When this occurs, customers will be required to wait in the lobby until a new invoice is generated and the corresponding payment is processed.

Payment Methods

  • Online Payments
    Customers are encouraged to make online payments by e-check or credit card. Bank and processing fees apply. There are no minimum or maximum credit card transaction amounts when making payments online. 
  • Onsite Payments
    1. Customers can drop check payments into the payment drop-off safe located on the first-floor lobby of the downtown Development Services Center during business hours. All payments must be made out to “City Treasurer.” 
    2. Customers can also request an appointment to make credit card, cash or check payments in person at the Development Services Center. With in-person payments, the minimum credit card transaction amount is $10, and the maximum is $99,999.99. Payments with an "SAP Invoice Number" are not accepted here. Instead, these invoices can be paid with the City Treasurer. Learn more.