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Online Inspection Scheduling

Please note: Project information found on the City's Project Tracking System (PTS) for the initial years of its existence may not be as inclusive, detailed, or comprehensive as that found for more recent projects. Many of the projects found on PTS may include only basic information. The most complete source for project details on approved projects and permits can be found within the physical project files stored within the City's official files, which are stored in DSD's Records Management Division.

You can now schedule your inspections 24/7 at any computer or smart phone with internet access.


  1. To access the online scheduling system you will need to know the “Inspection Contact” phone number as listed on your permit.
  2. You will also need your Approval/Permit number to schedule your inspection. You can also schedule your inspection with a Project ID number or the project address.
  3. Click this link to go to the OpenDSD Approval Search page.
  4. Enter your Approval or Project ID number. You may also select Address Search and enter the property address.
  5. Click on the blue, hyperlinked Approval ID number on the left.
  6. Scroll down to the “Inspections” section of your permit and left click on the word “Inspections” to open up your inspection plan.
  7. Scroll to view your available inspections.
  8. Select the most appropriate inspection type.
  9. Click on the “Schedule Online” link and follow the instructions on the next screen.
  10. Enter your “Inspection Contact Phone Number” in the space provided. This phone number acts as your “PIN Code” to access online scheduling.

To obtain a time frame for your inspection leave your phone number in the “Comments for Inspectors” section of your request.  Your inspector will contact you the morning of your scheduled inspection date with a time frame.

To cancel a scheduled inspection left click on the “Cancel Online” link.

* Note the system will not allow you to cancel an inspection on the same day it is scheduled. Call 858-492-5070 to cancel an inspection for the same day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule an inspection online;
(Note: Not applicable to Fire Sprinkler, Alarm, Saturday, overtime and Landscape Inspections. Please
refer to links below on how to schedule these inspections)

What time will my scheduled inspection take place?

How do I cancel my inspection online?

How do I schedule an Inspection on a Fire Sprinkler or Alarm permit?

How do I schedule a Saturday Inspection?

Can I schedule multiple inspections for the same project?


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