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Development Services

Permitting Center Dashboard

This interactive platform provides a comprehensive overview of the Development Services Department’s (DSD) permit data, inspections and code enforcement. 

To make the most of the dashboard, follow these instructions:


Use the Tabs: Switch between different permit categories using the tabs at the top of the dashboard.

Overall Permitting

The Overall tab displays information for all permits processed by DSD, ranging from major infrastructure projects to minor home repairs and solar panel installations. Here, you can view the total demand for Development Services Department's services (number of applications received) and department output (number of permits issued).

In 2022, DSD received nearly 70,000 permit applications and issued approximately 57,000 permits, an 11% increase in permit requests from the previous year. Most permits (58%) were issued on the same day or within a week. The dashboard's pie chart shows information for the most recent 30-day period to track recent trends.

In 2022, the average time to obtain a permit was around 49 business days, a decrease from the previous year's average of 57 days. DSD is working hard to reduce this number by hiring new employees, bringing in temporary workers to help with backlogs, providing training and improving efficiency. This dashboard allows us to track our progress toward this goal for 2023.

Residential Permitting

The Residential tab offers more detailed information on building permits related to residential projects subject to a ministerial permit process. This tab shows applications, issued permits and processing times for these projects. It also displays a breakdown of projects containing new housing units and the number of affordable housing units.

ADU/JADU Permitting

The ADU/JADU tab focuses on the City's accessory dwelling unit program, highlighting ministerial projects that propose building ADUs or JADUs, either at market rates or as part of our affordable housing program with affordable rent requirements.


Filter the data to match your specific needs using the search parameters section. With these navigation and filtering options, you can quickly access relevant information and gain insights into the DSD.


Inspections and Code Enforcement activity is included at the bottom.

Note: The dashboard below was optimized for viewing on desktop computers.

Inspections Table

The following table presents the average number of inspections conducted per working day and the total inspections completed by DSD each year. This data demonstrates the department's commitment to ensuring construction projects and properties within the City meet safety and compliance standards. Data as of May 1, 2023.

Year Inspections per Working Day Total Inspections Completed
2023 592 48,569
2022 570 142,957
2021 519 129,636
2020 528 132,951

Code Enforcement Table

This table gives an overview of code enforcement activities conducted by the city of San Diego's Development Services Department, highlighting the number of cases opened and closed each year. Data as of May 1, 2023. 

Year Code Enforcement Cases Opened Code Enforcement Cases Closed
2023 1,503  1,323
2022 4,170  3,413
2021 4,246 3,494
2020 4,007 2,962