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Street Address Request or Change

This application is to request new street addresses or street address changes not included in an existing building permit application. This application changes or assigns address numbers and is not used to change the street name. If a building permit application has been submitted, an address will be assigned during the plan-check process.

Plan Your Project

What You Should Know

  • An application for a street address or address change must be submitted with a Letter of Request that includes:

    • Your contact information;
    • The legal description of the property: Lot, block, subdivision name and map number, or parcel number and map number;
    • The Tax Assessor’s parcel number – See DSD's ZAPP Portal;
    • The address(es) currently being used for buildings, suites and/or units;
    • The reason for the request. Explain briefly;
    • The building permit number if a permit has been recently issued (also include the plan file number); and
    • The signature from the property owner or authorized agent.
  • The applicant is responsible for notifying the U.S. Post Office.


  • The addressing fee for the assignment of a new building address associated with a building plan check is a flat fee per address assigned – See Information Bulletin 501.
  • The fee for special addressing services is hourly. There shall be no refund for work performed in processing a special request that results in denial of the special request. See Information Bulletin 185.


  • No exemptions.

Compliant Outdoor Expansion

Apply for a Permit

Step 2

Read the PDF icon requirements for PDF file uploads.

Not following the PDF requirements will delay project review and approval.

Step 3

Obtain and Prepare:

  1. A letter of request
  2. Site Plan / Construction Plan with a Vicinity Map. See Information Bulletin 185.
  3. Project Contacts Information (DS-345)

Step 4

Your PDF documents MUST meet our upload requirements. See Step 2 for more info.

Validate your PDF documents with Scout™

Step 5

Apply for a Permit

You will be required to upload all the documents and plans from Step 3 at the time of application. Submitting without all the requirements will result in delays.