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Zoning Use Verification

All properties within the City of San Diego are zoned for a specific use, dictating how each can be developed and used. Proposed uses may require zoning verification for particular business types, including alcohol sales and consumption, California Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) regulated businesses, animal shelters, firearm sales and galleries and drug treatment facilities.

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What You Should Know



  • No exemptions

Compliant Outdoor Expansion

Apply for a Permit

Step 2

Read the PDF icon requirements for PDF file uploads.

Not following the PDF requirements will delay project review and approval.

Step 3

Complete or obtain:

  1. Zoning Use Verification Form (DS-690).
  2. Project Contacts Information (DS-345)
  3. Other forms required by state or local agencies.

Step 4

Step 5

If your application is for an Alcohol Beverage Control-regulated business that includes sales, distribution and consumption, complete the Alcohol Beverage Control (Form 255) and review Information Bulletin 143. Important: Do not complete items #9 - #14 on Form 255, as these questions are for City staff. 

Step 6

Your PDF documents MUST meet our upload requirements. See Step 2 for more info.

Validate your PDF documents with Scout™

Step 7

Apply for a Permit

You will be required to upload the completed documents from Step 3 and, if applicable, Steps 4 or 5. Submitting without all the requirements will result in delays.

 To select the correct "Record Type" for Zoning Use Verification applications when applying for the permit, find Miscellaneous Applications and click "Others."