Maintenance Assessment Districts

A Maintenance Assessment District (MAD) is a legal mechanism by which property owners can vote to assess themselves to receive enhanced maintenance, landscaping, and lighting services. These services are above and beyond the City's baseline general services. Self-managed MADs differ from the City's Park & Recreation Department managed MADs in that district property owners select, by ballot, a nonprofit corporation to contract for the provision of enhanced goods and services. The San Diego Municipal Code allows non-profit corporations to administer MADs when property owners support the selection of a particular non-profit corporation for their district. It is the City's responsibility to oversee the corporation's administration of the MADs to ensure compliance with local and State statutes.

Property and Business Improvement District

A Property and Business Improvement District (PBID) is a tool available to property and business owners to improve a downtown or other commercial area. It is a partnership between the public and private sector, organized for the improvement of a specific geographic area. In California, PBIDs are formed pursuant to the Property and Business Improvement District Law of 1994. A PBID is a special benefit assessment district designed to raise funds within a specific geographic area. Funds may be raised through a special assessment on real property, businesses, or a combination of both, and are used to provide supplemental services beyond those provided by the city.

Property and Business Improvement District Renewal

The existing Downtown Property & Business Improvement District (PBID), which was last renewed in 2005, will end on June 30, 2015. In response to a petition from Downtown property owners, the City is currently conducting proceedings regarding renewal of the PBID for 10 years starting July 1, 2015.

See these documents for more information: PDF icon Management District Plan + Appendices 1-8 ; PDF icon Appendix 9 - Roll ; PDF icon Appendix 10 ? Map Book ; PDF icon Map ; PDF icon Resolution Of Intention R-309520 ; PDF icon Ballot Guidelines ; PDF icon Request To Withdraw Ballot / Request For Replacement Ballot ; and PDF icon Sample Ballot and Notice .

The City Council meeting scheduled for Monday, May 11, 2015 at 2:00 p.m. will include an item for the required Public Hearing on this proposed Renewal and the public is invited to attend and to provide testimony. The meeting location is Council Chambers in the City Administration Building, 202 C St., 12th Floor, San Diego, CA 92101. For questions on the above, please contact City staff member Elizabeth Studebaker at (619) 533-4561 or via email at [email protected].

Special Assessment Refund Claim Form

Property owners that wish to file a refund claim for a City of San Diego property-based special assessment must complete the PDF icon Special Assessment Refund Claim Form and return it to the Economic Development Division.

The refund claim form must be accurately completed, printed, signed by the claimant and mailed or personally presented in hard copy format to:

City of San Diego
Economic Development Department
Attn: Special Assessment Refund Claim
1200 Third Ave., Suite 1400
San Diego, CA 92101

After the claim has been received by our office:

  1. A review and verification process will be conducted. Claims are usually reviewed and processed within 45 days after receipt by our office. When filling out the form, please be as accurate as possible to expedite the review and verification process.
  2. Provide written justification for the amount of refund indicated on the form:

Information requested by the Economic Development Division does not guarantee that your claim has been accepted for payment. Any information provided will be evaluated as part of the review process.