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Economic Development

Notice of Availability: Surplus Land Properties

(updated 07/06/2023)

Surplus Property

What is surplus property? 

Surplus property is land owned by any local agency, that is determined to be no longer necessary for the agency's use. Properties listed on this site are former Redevelopment Agency properties that are owned by the City of San Diego. For additional Surplus Land properties, please visit the Department of Real Estate and Airport Management webpage

In 2019, AB 1486 was signed into law, which aimed to connect developers who are interested in building more affordable homes to surplus local public land that is both available and suitable for housing development. This law made several changes to the requirements in the Surplus Land Act (SLA) that local agencies must adhere to when disposing of surplus public land. Beginning Jan. 1, 2021, local agencies are required to send negotiation summaries for each surplus land transaction (property sales and ground leases) to the California Department of Housing & Community Development (HCD) . For more information on SLA, please view the SLA Guide created by HCD.  


Current Successor Agency and Economic Development Department Surplus Land properties:

  1. Notice of Availability: Civic Center Revitalization Project


*Update on June 09: Due to the interest and questions received on the City’s Notice of Availability for both “7th and Market” and “Civic Center Revitalization Project”, the City hosted an optional, open developer forum to ask questions of city staff on Wednesday, June 28 at 10am via Zoom:

The Power Point presentation can be viewed here: Civic Center Redevelopment Develper Meeting, June 28, 2023


For interested parties, the links below have interior photos and videos of 101 Ash:


  1. Notice of Availability: 7th & Market


Questions for these properties are due no later than (updatedWednesday, July 5, 2023. All responses are due to the City of San Diego by close of business on (updatedFriday, August 4, 2023


Previous Successor Agency Surplus Land Properties:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for current Surplus Land Properties:

Questions submitted to City staff will be posted here along with the appropriate City staff response.