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Environmental Services

How to Obtain a Container

Black trash containers and blue recycling bins can be purchased online with a credit card.

Request an Additional Container Replace a Damaged Container

You can also purchase an approved container from another source.

City-issued containers are expected to have a lifespan of 10 years. If the container becomes defective before the 10-year warranty is up, a prorated fee will apply to the replacement.

Black Trash Containers (all sizes)

Photo of Black Trash Bin

  • $70 (Prorated fee may apply)
  • Second and additional trash containers will cost the full $70 plus $25 delivery charge if applicable.
  • Lost or stolen trash containers will cost the full $70 for replacement plus $25 delivery charge if applicable.
  • Trash containers damaged by misuse or by a third party will cost the full $70 for replacement plus $25 delivery charge if applicable.
  • Containers in use for more than 10 years will be replaced for $70 plus $25 delivery, if applicable. Containers within the 10 year lifespan will cost a prorated fee based on $7 per year, plus $25 delivery charge, if applicable.
  • Newly constructed residential properties will receive the first trash container free of charge. This does not include remodels, but applies only to new homes with new addresses.

Blue Recycling Bins (all sizes)

Photo of Blue Recycling Bin

  • Free (up to two)
  • If picked up, one additional blue recycling container is available at no cost. Otherwise, there is a $25 one-time non-refundable fee for delivery.

Green Organic Waste Recycling Bins (all sizes)

Photo of Green Organic Waste Bin

  • First and second container are free.
  • Third container is $25.
  • Fourth and subsequent containers are $50 each.
  • $25 delivery fee per container, if applicable.

Purchase an Approved Container from Another Source

  • Containers must have certain features to be compatible with the City's collection trucks.
  • Trash containers must be black.
  • Containers must be one of the following brands and models:
    • Rehrig-Pacific - ROC-65, ROC-95-U
    • Toter, Inc. - EVR Universal Cart 64- or 96-gallon
  • Containers can be purchased from any home improvement store or outlet that sells these models.
  • Containers purchased from vendors other than the City of San Diego are subject to standard vendor warranties.

If you have questions, see the Frequently Asked Questions, contact Environmental Services at 858-694-7000, or email