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Containers for Garages or Common Areas

Photo of Recycling Containers

Carts: 64- or 96-Gallon

Depending on the complex's floor plan, if individual garages are available, these containers can be used by each resident. If space is a problem, containers can be placed at convenient locations and used by all residents. These containers will require a different type of service from the commercial dumpsters.

Photo of Split Dumpsters

Split Dumpsters

Split dumpsters offer two separate compartments, one for recycling and one for trash. Dumpsters can be three or four cubic yards.

Photo of Corrugated Recycling Bin

44 Gallon Corrugated Plastic Container

If the complex has smaller enclosures on each floor, a 44 gallon corrugated plastic or cardboard container has proven to be very efficient as a recycling container. Place recycling and trash containers side by side and post clear signs identifying the recycling container.

Photo of Compactor

Chutes and Compactors

Special trash chutes that accommodate recyclable material are commercially available. Compactors (photo on the right) are also useful for decreasing trash volume, which allow more room for recycling containers.

Photo of Commercial Dumpsters

Commercial Dumpsters

Commercial dumpsters are typically available in 1 to 8 cubic yards (CY) capacity. There are many possible sizes and types of lids available.

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