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Elementary Institute Of Science

San Diego 's Elementary Institute of Science has served the community for four decades. Over four-thousand children from more than 250 San Diego County schools have been inspired and encouraged in their scientific studies, as their natural scientific curiosity has been embraced and nurtured. Each year, about 700 students participate in EIS's hands-on science programs.

And now, the San Diego Architecture and Engineering Recruitment Consortium has been invited to be a part of EIS' Summer Program!

Each week, students ages 7-13 enjoy astronomy, biology, computer science, engineering, geology, health, chemistry, photography and natural science classes, Monday through Friday; subject availability varies. On Wednesdays, students participate in presentations and activities led by science professionals, engineers, researchers, architects, food chemists, and other specialists. An educational field trip is scheduled every week.

For 2005, the Consortium sponsored two events at the EIS:

July 20: LEGO Challenge: A Game of Communications and Team-Work, with volunteer facilitators and donors from the Consortium.

July 22: Cabrillo Monument Nature Walk, with Biologist Volunteer Guides and donors from the Consortium and the City

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