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Fire-Rescue Department

Citizen Complaint Inspections

Complaint inspections are done when a citizen is concerned about a potential fire hazard. Complaints can be related to buildings or brush management/weed abatement. Only complaints within the City of San Diego and Port of San Diego are inspected.

For areas outside of the City, contact the jurisdiction of the address in question.

Complaints Related to Brush Management or Weed Abatement

A complaint about a fire hazard created by brush can be submitted by following the link below.

See Brush Management/Weed Abatement for a description of "brush" and A City of San Diego Guide to Fire Safety and Brush Management for Private Property (PDF) for brush management requirements.

Examples of common concerns related to brush management and weeds:

  • Fire hazards to structures
  • Visual hazards to motor traffic, bicyclists or pedestrians
  • Physical hazards to motor traffic, bicyclists or pedestrians
  • An impediment in the right-of-way
  • An impediment to drainage.

Submit a Brush Complaint


Complaints Related to Buildings

Complaints related to fire and life safety concerns or fire access and protection in and around buildings can be submitted following the link below. For complaints involving conditions inside individual dwelling units continue to Other Complaints Related to Buildings and Individual Dwelling Units.

Examples of common concerns related to fire and life safety:

  • Emergency egress (locked or blocked exits)
  • Fire alarm or sprinkler malfunction and maintenance
  • Hazardous materials storage
  • Overcrowding and unpermitted assemblies
  • Fire lanes and fire access roads concerns

Submit a Fire and Life Safety Complaint


Other Complaints Related to Buildings and Individual Dwelling Units

Complaints involving conditions inside individual "dwelling units" should be directed to Building & Land Use Enforcement (BLUE), Office of the City Attorney, Nuisance Abatement Unit (NAU), or San Diego Police Department (SDPD)

A "dwelling unit" is a building or portion thereof which contains living facilities (i.e. provisions for sleeping, eating, cooking and sanitation). A dwelling unit could be a single family home, an apartment in an apartment building, a condominium in a larger residential building, etc.

Examples of common complaints related to buildings and individual dwelling units:

  • Public nuisances and abandoned properties (BLUE/NAU)
  • Dangerous/unstable structures (BLUE/NAU)
  • Uninhabitable living and substandard living conditions (BLUE/NAU)
  • Accessory structures (BLUE)
  • Unpermitted construction and dwelling units (BLUE)
  • Food trucks, street vendors and sidewalk cafes (BLUE)
  • Letter of Agency/trespass authorization (SDPD)