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Citizen Complaint Inspections

Complaint inspections are done when a citizen is concerned about a potential fire hazard. Complaints can be related to buildings or brush management/weed abatement.

Complaints Related to Brush Management or Weed Abatement

A complaint about a fire hazard created by brush should be directed to the Fire Hazard Advisor at 619-533-4444.

See Brush Management/Weed Abatement for a description of "brush" and PDF icon A City of San Diego Guide to Fire Safety and Brush Management for Private Property for brush management requirements.

A complaint about a fire hazard created by weeds should also be directed to the Fire Hazard Advisor at 619-533-4444.

Weeds are an issue when they create the following problems:

  • fire hazards to structures;
  • visual hazards to motor traffic, bicyclists or pedestrians;
  • physical hazards to motor traffic, bicyclists or pedestrians;
  • an impediment in the right-of-way; or
  • an impediment to drainage.

Complaints Related to Buildings

Complaints related to buildings or building access should be referred to the Fire Hazard Advisor at 619-533-4411 or be submitted through the Fire Department Customer Complaint Page (For complaints related to brush or weeds, please see above for more information).

If a complaint involves conditions inside individual "dwelling units," it should be directed to Code Enforcement at 619-236-5500, unless the complaint is related to fire protection (i.e. smoke detectors, malfunctioning alarm system, etc.). A "dwelling unit" is a building or portion thereof which contains living facilities (i.e. provisions for sleeping, eating, cooking and sanitation). A dwelling unit could be a single family home, an apartment in an apartment building, a condominium in a larger residential building, etc.

Complaints concerning "combustible waste matter" should meet the legal definition found in the California Fire Code. Combustible waste matter: "includes magazines; books; trimmings from lawns, trees or flower gardens; pasteboard boxes; rags; paper; straw; sawdust; packing material; shavings; boxes; rubbish; and refuse that will ignite through contact with flames of ordinary temperature."

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