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Lifeguard Services

Beach Concessionaires

Beach Canopies and ShorelineThe City of San Diego conducts an open process, called a Request for Proposals (RFP), for concessionaires to compete for the opportunity to do business on San Diego’s beaches. Once a proposer has been selected, the process requires the concessionaire to provide proof of insurance, provide a complete and comprehensive business plan, have staff that are trained in CPR and first aid and provide the appropriate number of staff for the type of service provided. Once all documentation has been provided, the process is complete and the concessionaires are permitted by the City to conduct business on San Diego beaches.

There are individuals and companies without appropriate permits that are operating on or near San Diego’s beaches. These entities are not authorized, have not been vetted, are not associated with brick and mortar businesses and do not have proof of insurance or maintenance records for their equipment. They will often rent services/equipment/vessels online or from their vehicles. The City of San Diego strongly discourages residents and visitors from engaging in business with entities that do not possess the proper permits.

Below you will find a list of businesses that have completed the competitive process, have the appropriate maintenance records and are insured and permitted by the City of San Diego. This list does not constitute an endorsement of the businesses, rather, that they have been vetted and are periodically checked to verify that they continue to comply with safety requirements and remain in good standing.

  • Action Beach Rentals (Bahia Hotel, Catamaran Hotel, Paradise Resort)
  • Action Beach & Bay Rentals (Mission Bay Resort)
  • Adventure Water Sports (Dana Inn, Campland on the Bay)
  • Endless Surf Camp (Bahia Hotel, Catamaran Hotel, Paradise Resort )
  • Everyday California
  • H2O Jetski Rentals (Sportsmen’s Seafood)
  • Mission Bay Sports Center (Hyatt Hotel)
  • Pacific Beach Surf Shop
  • Pacific Surf School
  • Paskowitz Surf Camp
  • San Diego Surf School
  • Surf Diva
  • Surf Education Academy
  • Everyday California Holdings
  • Hike, Bike, Kayak Adventures
  • La Jolla Kayak
  • La Jolla Sea Cave Kayaks
  • San Diego Bike and Kayak Tours

There is no open solicitation for proposals at this time. If you are interested in receiving notification of future RFPs, please contact the Department of Real Estate and Airport Management at 619-236-6020.