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City Planning Department

What Is a Facilities Plan?

Infrastructure planning is an important part of community plans. The Public Facilities, Services and Safety Element section of the General Plan describes the City’s policy to ensure that the impact by new development on the need for public facilities is mitigated through appropriate fees.

Every community has a  Public Facilities Financing Plan (PFFP) or Impact Fee Study (IFS) which includes several categories of public facilities to meet the needs of diverse communities including, but not limited to: mobility, parks and recreation, library, and fire-rescue.  The PFFP/IFS identifies a baseline of existing public facilities as well as those that are needed as the community continues to develop and the extent to which facilities are eligible for Development Impact Fee (DIF) funding.

The amount of DIF assessed on new development is based on the extent or degree to which each type of development generates a demand for, or receives benefit from, the various planned public facilities, referred to as the nexus. Future DIF funds collected will contribute a portion of the cost of future public facilities in their community. The remaining portion of costs must be provided though funding mechanisms other than DIF.

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