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City Planning Department

Public Hearings and Meetings

The Planning Department interacts with a variety of land use authorities, commissions, boards and advisory groups. These include the City Council, Planning Commission, Historical Resources Board, Hearing Officer, Technical Advisory Committee, Code Monitoring Team, planned district advisory boards, and Community Planning Groups. Here you will find information regarding each of these entities as well as links to meeting agendas and materials.

City Council

The San Diego City Council is the legislative body that provides final decisions on many land use policy matters, some permit types and appeals.

Land Use & Housing Committee of the City Council

The Land Use and Housing Committee's area of responsibility includes planning, land use, affordable housing, general plan amendments, land development code, real estate assets, historical issues/mills act, community plans, coastal overlay zone and permanent supportive housing.

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission recommends changes in the City's General Plan and community plans; makes recommendations on the Capital Improvements Program budget, rezonings and related land-use matters. It also has final approval on subdivisions as well as many permit types.

Historical Resources Board

The Historical Resources Board is the appointed body with authority over historical resources within the City of San Diego. Board Subcommittees include the Archaeological and Tribal Cultural Resources Subcommittee, Design Assistance Subcommittee and the Policy Subcommittee.

Hearing Officer

The Hearing Officer presides over public hearings and acts on discretionary land use items such as permits, maps, variances and other matters in accordance with Land Development Code.

Land Development Code Advisory Bodies

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

The Technical Advisory Committee's purpose is to advise on improvements to the development review process, using communication, technology and best business practices to reduce processing times and better serve the customers and citizens of San Diego.

Other City-Wide Advisory Bodies

Park and Recreation Board

The Park and Recreation Board was chartered by the City to serve as advisory board on matters relating to the acquisition, development, maintenance and operation of parks, beaches and recreation properties and facilities.

Planned District Boards

La Jolla Shores Advisory Board

The La Jolla Shores Advisory Board reviews all applications for permits referred to it for consistency with the La Jolla Shores Planned District Ordinance, and submits its recommendations or comments on permit applications in writing to the Planning Director.

Old Town Design Review Board

The Old Town Design Review Board reviews all applications for permits referred to it for consistency with the Old Town Planned District Ordinance, and submits its recommendations or comments on permit applications in writing to the Planning Director.

Community Planning

Community Planners Committee (CPC)

The CPC, which is composed of representatives from the Community Planning Groups, provides a forum to discuss citywide planning issues.

Community Planning Groups (CPGs)

Community planning groups (CPG) provide citizens with an opportunity for involvement in advising the City Council, the Planning Commission, and other decision-makers on development projects, general or community plan amendments, rezonings and public facilities.

Public Notices

City Bulletin of Public Notices

The City Bulletin of Public Notices includes official advertising and notices required by City, State or Federal regulations. This site provides important information about public hearings, bid and contracting opportunities; city ordinances and resolutions; and other official notices.

California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)

Learn about CEQA

  • Draft Documents for Public Comment - Notices and reports to concerned citizens or interested persons regarding decision of impact findings on the environment. Not all documents may be available for viewing online. Further, graphics, exhibits and attachments such as technical reports may not be available online.
  • Notices of Rights to Appeal Environmental Determinations (NORA) - Notices of environmental determinations made by City staff, the City Hearing Officer, and the City Planning Commission that may be appealed to the City Council.
  • Final Documents - View final environmental documents prepared by the City of San Diego.