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What are the operating responsibilities of Community Planning Groups?

A Community Planning Group in session

A Community Planning Group in session

Community Planning Groups (CPG) are required to adopt operating procedures and responsibilities, otherwise known as bylaws, which must be consistent with the requirements of PDF icon Council Policy 600-24. The bylaws ensure that the group will represent the community at large, will solicit input from the community and will operate in a fair manner. Operating responsibilities for Community Planning Groups are outlined in Council Policy 600-24.

Community Planning Groups generally have between 12 and 20 voting members from throughout the community. The CPG officers are elected to chair the meetings and perform all duties necessary to carry out the purpose of the committee. Members attend regular committee meetings to review community goals and development proposals. Issues and projects are discussed and then a recommendation is passed by the majority of voting members. The CPG recommendations are submitted to the City for consideration during approval processes.

The CPGs are responsible for reviewing development proposals in their communities and make a recommendation to the decision maker, which may be a Hearing Officer, the Planning Commission and/or the City Council. The recommendations of the group are based upon policies established in the applicable community plan. The CPGs also work with City staff contributing to periodic updates of their community plan.

The CPGs and individuals representing themselves as a planning group member are not permitted to endorse a political candidate. A planning group may allow a candidate to speak at their meeting only if all candidates for the office are allowed a chance to speak. The CPGs may endorse a ballot proposition only if it relates to the group?s activities.

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