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Public Utilities

Water and Sewer Rates

Your Dollars at Work

The City of San Diego's Public Utilities Department recognizes the importance of its responsibility with the money you pay for water and sewer services. When you pay your bill, the money goes back into our infrastructure and services, including:

  • Purchasing water – between 85% and 90% of the water we use is imported and must be purchased from the San Diego County Water Authority, an independent public agency that serves as San Diego County's regional water wholesaler.
  • Maintaining, repairing and replacing more than 6,000 miles of pipeline, 20,000 valves, 26,000 fire hydrants, 276,000 metered water service connections, nine reservoir lakes, six treatment plants, two ocean outfalls and dozens of pumps, reservoir tanks and other infrastructure.
  • Daily testing to provide safe, quality drinking water.
  • Protecting the safety and security of our water and wastewater systems.
  • Operating our state-of-the-art water and wastewater treatment facilities.
  • Regular ocean monitoring and testing.
  • Providing services to assist customers resolve billing, water use and other issues.

Water Billing Rates

Sewer Billing Rates

Recycled Water Rates

Rate Increases

Independent Rates Oversight Committee (IROC)