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Water Conservation

water wise landscaped homeEfficient water use is a way of life in San Diego, and it is important to remember that permanent water use restrictions remain in effect regardless of the drought status. In addition to efficient water use practices, the City has a number of resources available to help residents and businesses reduce water consumption.

Water Conservation Tips

These simple and effective tips can help you save water and money.


A number of rebates are available to San Diegans to help make water saving options more affordable.

  • Graywater Systems - Using graywater is an excellent way to recycle and conserve water.
  • Rainwater Harvesting (rain barrels) - Rain barrels catch and store rainwater to use on sunnier days. 
  • Pressure Reducing Valve - Customers served by an individual water meter may be eligible to receive a rebate.
  • Weather-Based Irrigation Controller (WBIC) Systems - Use smart technology to optimize the use of water needed for irrigation.
  • SoCal Water$mart - A variety of rebates available to Southern California residents. (Metropolitan Water District of Southern California)
  • Free Mulch from Miramar Greenery - Mulch is a reliable, cost-effective product for water retension, erosion control and weed suppression. Free mulch is available to San Diego residents with proof of residency. Also available for a fee are wood chips and compost. (Environmental Services Department)

Water Use Restrictions

The City of San Diego has year-round city and state permanent mandatory water restrictions in place. Review them to make sure you're in compliance.

Enforcement and Penalties

The City of San Diego enforces the the permanent water use restrictions. Staff educates the public, works with residents and businesses, and issues Warning Notifications, Notices of Violation and Administrative Citations.

Water Survey Programs

Free residential survey programs are available to property owners and tenants. In addition, there are a number of water survey programs available for commercial, institutional and industrial businesses.

Plumbing Retrofit Upon Re-Sale Ordinance

The San Diego Municipal Code requires that all buildings, prior to a change in property ownership, be certified as having water-conserving plumbing fixtures in place.

Waste No Water Smartphone App

The City's Waste No Water App, available for iPhones and Androids, allows users to quickly and easily report water waste.

Other Water Use Resources

Learn about the many other water savings options are available from other agencies.


The City of San Diego offers contests for kids to help promote water conservation.

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