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Real Estate and Airport Management

Employment Information

In order to provide real estate services to City departments, the Department of Real Estate and Airport Managment hires qualified Property Agents. Typical duties performed by a Property Agent include:

  • Examine property to be acquired, sold, appraised, or leased
  • Determine appropriate rental rates
  • Perform inspections of City owned properties to ensure contract compliance
  • Participate in the negotiation for the acquisition of rights-of-way and agreements for the purchase, use, sale, or exchange of real property and property rights.

The entry level position, Associate Property Agent requires education equal to a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, real estate, or a closely related field, and two years of professional level experience in real property acquisition, sales, appraisal, property records management or property management. Promotions to Property Agent, Supervising Property Agent, and Deputy Director positions are competitive.

More detailed information regarding City employment and a listing of current job openings are available on the City's Employment Opportunities page.