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Special Events Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I contact to organize a Special Event in the City of San Diego?

Visit the City of San Diego Special Events web page for all of the information needed to organize a Special Event in the City of San Diego.

Do I have to post a bond, or provide insurance when I am using City streets/parks for a Special Event?

Yes. Insurance must be provided to the City of San Diego. The level of insurance required depends upon the risk level of the event. Risk Management/Public Liability can assist you with these insurance requirements.

My neighborhood wants to block off a City of San Diego street for a Block Party. What do we need to do?

Contact the San Diego Police Department/Special Events Division at (619) 533-5727. They can forward a Block Party Application to you, and will answer any procedural questions you may have.

Do I have to provide insurance for a Block Party?

You must contact Risk Management at (619) 533-3946 to discuss your use of City streets for your Block Party.

Can I fax any Special Event items to Risk Management?

Yes, you can fax them to (619) 236-6106, attention Special Events.

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