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Storm Water Services Frequently Asked Questions

Drain Structures

Where do I go to get maps of the drainage system on my property?

Who maintains the channel behind my property?

I have a drain pipe on my property. Who cleans it?

How do I find out if the drain pipe on my property is in a drainage easement?

Who do I call to request that the system be upgraded?

How often does the city clean the drains in my neighborhood?

What do I do if water is seeping from underground onto my property?

What do I do if I see someone dumping things into the drain?

How do I get bars put on the drainage structure to prevent something or someone from getting into it?

Who do I call if I see graffiti in a channel?

How do I find out if the channel is in a drainage easement?

Where do I get information on storm water regulations?


How do I get a fence repaired?

Street Sweeping

What day is my street swept?

What should I do on street sweeping day?

Why wasn't my street swept today?

How do I get information on a citation I received?

How do I request no parking street sweeping signs be installed on my street?


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