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Urban Farming


photo of person picking orange off treeThere are so many benefits to growing your own garden of fruits and vegetables. Growing your own produce can help reduce your grocery bill and you might find that what you grow in your yard tastes better than what you might buy in a store. Additionally, outdoor gardening can be a relaxing exercise and one that helps you to destress.

Home Gardens

Whether you dedicate a significant portion of your property to growing fruits and vegetables or you simply keep a few potted plants outside, fresh food you grow can be economical, healthful and rewarding. Visit your local nurseries for information regarding the best produce to grow in your area and space. Below are several City programs and services that can provide you with assistance.

  • Backyard Composting – The City’s Environmental Services Department offers helpful home composting resources and workshops.
  • Miramar Greenery – The City’s Environmental Services Department offers free mulch and compost to City residents with proof of residency.
  • Seed Libraries – All open City of San Diego Public Library locations now have seeds available for the public to grow their own healthy food. Available seeds include melons, carrots, squash, herbs and more. Visit your local library branch today to get your free seeds and inquire about available gardening books. 
  • Water Conservation – The City’s Public Utilities Department provides water-saving tips, rebates, information on gray water systems and other related data.
  • PDF icon Grow Your Own Food, Flowers and Trees: Resources to Garden at Home and in Your Community – This helpful brochure provides information about many local resources for urban farmers.

photo of woman gardeningCommunity Gardens 

  • Community Gardens – If you’re interested in starting a community garden in your local park or other City-owned property, the City’s Parks and Recreation Department has the tools to get you started. These include various forms, a checklist and instructions.
  • Urban Agriculture Incentive Program – The City’s Economic Development offers a property tax incentive to encourage agriculture and healthy living in urban neighborhoods.

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